Zipper's Millions

The episode starts out with the gang playing baseball. Portia comes up to bat (and the bat is practically bigger than she is). Bingo thinks it will be "one easy out" and pitches the ball. Portia smacks the ball, and hits one heck of a home run. Braker comes running onto the scene carrying a letter. He trips on Portia's homerun ball, knocking the entire gang off their feet. The letter turns out to be a telegram for Zipper, saying that he's inherited a hundred thousand dollars. He has to go to Pine Corners, which is in the mountains, to claim it by noon, or the money will go to his cousin, Miss Tabby. The gang races to the Clubhouse Caboose and start pumping it to Pine Corners.

On their way, the gang blows by a train station where a bulldog is painting the roof. He falls off the ladder and the bucket of paint falls on his head. The gang backtracks and asks for directions to Pine Corners. The bulldog points the way and asks them why they're in such a hurry. Dotty says they have to visit a sick relative, and Bingo blabs about the hundred thousand bucks. When the gang pulls out, the bulldog runs into the train station and makes a quick telephone call.

The gang is moving along down the train tracks, on their way to Pine Corners when a mysterious figure pushes a boulder down the side of the hill, which blocks the tracks. The gang has to now walk to Pine Corners. Portia looks for a sign, sees one, and runs to it, only to find that it has disappeared. As she wonders where it went, she is pulled into a bush. The gang has to find her before continuing. Bingo walks along, calling out Portia's name when he sees a pair of eyes from inside a tree. He promptly screams and tries to climb up Montgomery's antlers for safety. He tells the others they're being watched. Woolma tells him that "this is no time to be fooling around," and then Woolma is covered by a hollowed out log and disappears. Montgomery and Dotty figure out someone is trying to stop them from getting to town. Montgomery tells Zipper to get to City Hall, but Zipper declines, protesting that "the whole gang goes or nobody goes." So the gang begins to go look for Portia and Woolma. A rope lowers from a tree, circles Bingo, and pulls him up into it.

The scene shifts to a cabin on top of a hill, where Portia, Woolma, and Bingo are inside a large sack. They manage to get out, and discover that the cabin belongs to Zipper's cousin, Miss Tabby. They figure out that she's the one who's trying to stop the gang from getting to Pine Corners, since she'll get the money if Zipper doesn't claim it.

Meanwhile, Montgomery, Dotty, and Zipper are looking for the others. They are unaware that they are being followed by a bush. Dotty is grabbed and pulled back into the bush. Montgomery and Zipper find footprints leading up to the cabin and start following them when they encounter a cat who introduces herself as Miss Tabby, and Zipper introduces himself to her. When she asks Zipper why he isn't in Pine Corners, Montgomery explains that whoever owns the cabin on the hill has been grabbing their friends. Miss Tabby says that it's her cabin, and Zipper thinks she's behind the whole thing, but Miss Tabby doesn't know what he's talking about.

Back at the cabin, the girls are calling for help. Dotty goes to check if there's anyone outside, and finds the door is being blocked by a boulder. Bingo suggests using a coat rack for a battering ram to move the boulder. They take a couple of whacks at the door, and the boulder does indeed move, and it destroys the boards that support the cabin, and the cabin starts to slide down the hill. Montgomery and Zipper grab a tire and some rope. Using a small tree as a catapult, Montgomery launches Zipper into the air, and he goes down the chimney of the cabin. The gang grabs onto the tire, and Montgomery pulls them up the chimney, just as Miss Tabby's cabin crashes to the bottom of the hill and is destroyed. Zipper asks Miss Tabby how she could do such a thing, but before she can answer, all the townspeople appear and confess to stalling the gang until after the deadline, because they wanted Miss Tabby to get the money. Zipper is glad it wasn't his cousin behind everything, and tells her to take the money to buy herself a new house. Bingo is a little upset that Zipper gave up the fortune, but Montgomery points out that they found another treasure: "Zipper's heart of gold."