Get-Along-Gang Trivia

This section of the page is devoted to Trivia, and what me and my sister call "Oops!"-es. "Oops!"-es are basically microscopic mistakes that show up in the cartoon. Feel free to submit anything you have!


"Forget Me Not" is a line of special American Greeting cards that is still in use. (submitted by Arthur Yee)

On the read-along Get-Along-Gang books, only a few of the original cast members from the cartoon provided the voices. Here's a cast list:

Montgomery : Sparky Marcus
Zipper: Robbie Lee
Woolma: Georgi Irene
Portia: Sherry Lynn
Catchum: Timothy Gibbs
Dotty/Bingo: Julie Dees
Rudyard (with a British Accent)/Leland (sounding like Dave Thomas's voice than Nicky Katt's): Sparky Marcus
Lolly: Sherry Lynn
Narrator: William Woodson
(submitted by Arthur Yee, paraphrased by yours truly)

The credit sequence for"Half A Map Is Better Than None "uses a font called "Zipper". (submitted by Ppossum)

Woolma Lamb's Aunt is called Agnes, which is the Latin word for "lamb". (submitted by Ppossum)

In Canada the Get Along Gang were also known as "La Joyeuse Ribambelle",and went by the following names:

"Mortimer l'Orignal" (Montgomery Moose)

"Duchesse la Petit Chienne" (Dotty Dog)

"Sophie la Brebis" (Woolma Lamb)

"Bingo le Castor" (guess who!)

"Pamela le Porc-epic" (Portia Porcupine)

"Dagobert le Cat" (Zipper Cat)
(submitted by Ppossum)

It wasn't possible for the animators to sign their work but the background artists had no such problem! e.g; Near the beginning of "Bingo's Pen Pal" Zipper can be seen doing push ups in front of "Blackmans Candies". Keep your eyes peeled for "Bridget's Boutique" and "Joes Used Yachts" as well. (submitted by Ppossum)

In the pilot, the Gang listed off their names as ice cream flavors. Here's the list, in no particular order:

Mocha Moose
Zipper Ripple
Double Dotty Delight
Pralines and Portia
Woolma Whip Supreme
Bingo Bet-It-All Butterscotch

In the book, The Adventures of the Get-Along-Gang (which was loosely based on the pilot), the authors listed other Gang members as ice cream flavors, that were not mentioned in the cartoon. Here's that list:

Woolma Whip Supreme
Flora's Framboise Flip
Rudyard's Fudge
Lolly Squirrel's Lemon Swirl
Zipper Ripple
Mocha Moose

The Scavenger Hunt list was slightly different from the cartoon than in the book: in the cartoon, Portia brings by a phone booth, and the list said a phone book. In the book, the list says phone booth. Also, in the cartoon, Portia brings back a trampoline, instead of a tambourinte. In the book, she brings over a tambourine, instead of a trampoline.

When Rudyard is bringing his row boat (and Woolma and her full length mirror) back to Hoofnagel's, it looks like he's being followed by a shark, but it's just Rocco and his sundial. If you listen carefully, you can hear a short interpretation of the "Jaws" theme in this part.

In the pilot episode, Catchum and Leland were colored yellow, and on the Saturday morning cartoon, they were green. Although my sister thinks that in the pilot, they were sort of a washed out green.

One thing that bugged me about the pilot was the voices. I mean, a lot of the Gang sounded a little mature to be kids, you know what I mean? Well, except maybe Bingo and Portia, plus Montgomery knew how to drive, and he's supposed to be, what? Seven or eight or so years old?! Hmmm . . . .

In the Get-Along-Gang books, all the Gang members have parts, and in the series, the other six members (save for Braker Turtle) had only silent cameo apperances.

In the pilot episode, and as a stuffed toy, Woolma has only one bow in her "hair", and on the Saturday Morning series, she has two (which leads me to believe that the stuffed animals were modeled after the animation from the pilot. Actually, my sister was the one to reach this conclusion)

In the pilot episode, when Portia moves that the Gang enter the Scavenger Hunt, Zipper complains that the prize every year is a dumb blue ribbon, and Woolma says, "I'm in total agreement, Zipper. Blue just isn't my color." Then in "Hunt for the Beast," when the Gang goes out to track down the "monster" and Zipper, they borrowed gloves and scarves from Mrs. Whitworth, and Woolma's set are blue, to which she says, "I especially love this color of blue."

Annie Otter from "The Lighthouse Pirates " appears to be based on "Tugboat Annie" the character created by Norman Rielly Reine for The Saturday Evening Post. Several movies and a 1950's tv series followed. (submitted by Ppossum)

In "Montgomery's Mechanical Marvel" Hermie the robot is seen carrying Portia Porcupine. This brings to mind a similar scene in the original "Frankenstien" movie,directed by James Whale,where the monster carries one of its victims,a small child, in its arms. (submitted by Ppossum)

In the t.v. series Montgomery Moose is the gang's mechanical and scientific genius but in the pilot and picture books it's Dotty Dog. (submitted by Ppossum)

In "Them's The Brakes" the runaway caboose jumps a gap in the tracks just like a similar scene in "Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom".(This episode also contains a "mine car" sequence also reminiscent of the above.) (submitted by Ppossum)

In the pilot and the books, Leland Lizard is a blithering idiot, whereas on the series, he's more naive than dumb, although he's still a little dumb. Also, in the cartoons, Leland addresses Catchum as "Catchum," whereas in the books, he calls him "Boss."

Montgomery gets his antlers caught in the strangest of places. Here's a list:

Pilot: Montgomery's antler is caught on a pipe Dotty's using for her bicycle powered vacuum cleaner.

"Zipper's Millions": When Montgomery is pulling the gang out of Miss Tabby's cabin, he gets his antlers caught between two trees (but that helps brace him against the pull of the cabin)

"Half a Map is Better than None": Montgomery gets his antlers caught between two stalagmites

"Montgomery's Mechanical Marvel": Montgomery gets his antlers stuck in the window of the caboose right before he unviels Hermie.

"Head in the Clouds": someone sticks the ad for the kite flying contest on Montgomery's antler, thinking it's a tree branch. Also his antler bangs into a street sign, causing him to avoid falling down an open manhole (animal hole?)

"Hunt for the Beast": Montgomery gets his antlers tangled up in his hammock

"Camp Get Along": While Montgomery and Woolma are running from a pack of bats, Montgomery gets his antlers caught on a low hanging tree branch

"The Bullies": The Pig Sisters throw a basketball at Montgomery's head, and it's stuck between his antlers.

"The Get Along Gang Minus One": Montgomery is playing basketball with some of the others, and Dotty runs by to tell him that Bingo was telling the truth about moving, and the ball lands in between Montgomery's antlers and stays there

-NOTE: These are only the moments I have on tape. If I'm missing some, please let me know

"Half a Map is Better than None" probably marks the only time Catchum has ever gotten the best of the gang, since we don't actually see the gang get the silver dollar back after Catchum grabs it from Bingo and takes off with it (although the gang does chase after him)

I read that Bernice likes to clean. In the pilot episode when Dotty asked for volunteers to clean the clubhouse, she races out of the clubhouse with the rest of the gang to avoid cleaning it.

If you look carefully in the title of the GAG Series, when Catchum and Leland are sneaking up behind Portia, Leland's shoelace is untied.

Bettina Bush (voice of Dotty), Robbie Lee (Zipper), and Scott Menville (Bingo) all provided voices on the cartoon, "Rainbow Brite." Bettina Bush was Rainbow Brite, Robbie Lee was Twink, Shy Violet, and a host of other characters, and Scott Menville was Brian. Bettina Bush and Scott Menville also worked together on "My Little Pony 'n Friends" (Bettina Bush was the voice of Megan and Scott Menville was Danny), as did the voice of Portia, who is Sherry Lynn (she did Galaxy, Baby Half Note, and various other little ponies.) Frank Welker (Braker Turtle, various others) can also be heard on various episodes of "My Little Pony 'n Friends" as well.

Although Braker was the only one of the other six members of the gang to ever have speaking roles in the cartoon, he was never in an entire episode

In the storybooks, the bow on Bernice's head is colored pink. In the pilot, it's colored blue. I can't say much about the TV series, though.

The Get Along Gang pilot was done by Nelvana, and the TV series was done by DIC. Both companies also worked on the Care Bears cartoon. There are also a lot of the same voices from the Get Along Gang pilot in both Care Bears cartoon series:

Jim Henshaw (Zipper) was the voice of Bright Heart Raccoon in the first two Care Bears movies and the DIC series of Care Bears

Marla Lukofsky (Bingo) was the voice of Playful Heart Monkey (both movies and series)

Gloria Figura (Portia) was the voice of Bedtime Bear in the two Care Bears movies

Dan Hennessey (Catchum) was the voice of Brave Heart Lion in all Care Bears movies and series. He was also Loyal Heart Dog in the DIC Care Bears series.

The Get Along Gang, Care Bears, and Popples are huge parts of my childhood. All three of them were created by Those Characters from Cleveland, and all three cartoon series were produced by DIC.

John Sebastian performed the songs in the Get Along Gang pilot. He also scored a hit in the 1970's with the song "Welcome Back," which was the theme to the show "Welcome Back, Kotter." He also performed songs in three Strawberry Shortcake cartoons and the first Care Bear movie. But he is probably best known as a member of the 1960's band, the Lovin' Spoonful.

Dotty Dog has the exact same hairstyle as the character Molly in "My Little Pony 'n Friends."

One of Timothy Gibbs's (Catchum Crocodile) acting roles was a 1984 TV movie called "Contract for Life: The S.A.D.D. Story." He played the character Jimmy Matthews. What I find hilarious is Nicky Katt (Leland Lizard) was also in this movie, as Jeff Anastas.

In "Pick of the Litter" when the town officials come by to make their final descision about where to put the new city dump and the gang starts cleaning it up, supposedly Montgomery has a line, but that line comes out of Bingo's mouth (in Montgomery's voice)

One blooper occurred during the "Bingo's Tale" episode when the gang goes to the dam to help shore it up. Officer Growler speaks to them but no dialogue is heard (I believe he may have said "What are you kids doing here?)"...Montgomery then says "We're here to help." (submitted by Arthur Yee)

When the gang set off to save City Hall in "Engineer Roary" Portia's nose is missing! (submitted by Ppossum)