Quotes from "The Get-Along-Gang"

I had this idea while surfing Monkees pages. A lot of fans put their favorite quotes on their pages, so I figured, what the heck? If you want to submit a quote, Email me and give me your name or alias, the quote, who said it, and what episode it's from.

"Zipper! Zipper, is that you?"
"You were expecting the rubber duck?"
-Montgomery and Zipper, Pilot

"My advice is, turn the bathtub over. It holds more water that way!"
-Zipper, Pilot

"A purple cow. Worth one hundred and fifty points!"
"I laugh at your cow. I am going to win!"
-Woolma and Catchum, Pilot

"Hey, who turned off the sun?"
-Bingo, Them's The Brakes (submitteed by Heather)

"Who wants to join a gang where you have to (ick!) get along together?"
-Catcum, Pilot (submitted by Arthur Yee, corrected by me)

"If you can't join 'em, beat 'em!"
-Catchum, Pilot (sumbitted by Arthur Yee)

"I really appreciate the lift, Rudyard...but you're tusselling my coiffure!"
-Woolma, Pilot (submitted by Arthur Yee)

"Can anyone name one time I got this gang into trouble?"
(everybody else thinking about it, then raising their hands murmering "mm hmm")
-Bingo and rest of the gang, Pilot (submittted by Arthur Yee, corrected by me)

"Listen schweetheart, I know you know all about those diamonds."
"I know you know I know but...well...I just don't know any more."
"I know you don't know any more,I don't think I really know what I
thought I knew you knew..."
-Dogart and Fifi Bacall in the "Maltese Duuck" segment, The Get-Along Detectives (submitted by Ppossum)

"I know I can,I think I can,I hope I can- OHH NOOOO!!!" CRASH!!! "Guess I can't."
-Portia, Uneasy Rider (according too my submitter, Ppossum, she's riding up a steep hill with Braker's newspapers to deliever, and she crashes)

"Chicken dentures for five points. They must be as scarce as hen's teeth!"
-Officer Growler, Pilot

"Save me Montgomery! I don't want to be eaten!"
-Woolma, Hunt for the Beast

"That's it for this load."
"And the piano, Leland. I hate laziness!"
"But there's no way we can get it there, Catchum!"
"Yes there is, Leland!" (scene shifts with Leland staggering to the swamp, carrying a piano on his back!)
-Catchum and Leland, Pick of the Litter

"A can or two might have stuck to my hand, so I might have picked it up."
-Zipper, Pick of the Litter

"You girls better stay out here."
"Hah! And let you guys go in and mess everything up? Not a chance!"
-Montgomery and Dotty, Hunt for the Beaast

"Next time, I think I'll drive!"
-Bingo, Engineer Roary

"Next time, I'll drive!"
"I just can't win!"
-Dotty and Bingo, Engineer Roary

"Happy birthday to meee, happy birthday to meee. Happy birthday dear Woolma, happy birthday to moi!"
-Woolma, Woolma's Birthday

"She may be little, but she sure packs a whallop!"
"I'll say she does!"
-Montgomery and Bingo, Zipper's Millions"

"I've got the map! I've got the map!"
"No you don't! No you don't!"
-Catchum and Bingo, Half a Map is Betteer Than None

"Joy and happiness are here."
-Portia, A Pinch of this, A Dash of Thaat (submitted by Darryl Heine)

"Bingo, I said join me for a sandwich, not in a sandwich!"
"I'm glad you weren't eating ice cream."
-Zipper and Bingo, Pick of the Litter

"And if we don't get there by noon, we'll lose a million dollars that we just inherited!"
"Oh. I mean you of course, Zipper old buddy old pal."
-Bingo and Zipper, Zipper's Millions

"What do you have for seventy-five cents?" (Diner cook spoons something unrecognizable into a bowl. Montgomery sort of makes a face) "Looks delicious."
"You was maybe expecting steak?"
-Montgomery and Diner Cook, Woolma's Birthday

"Mornin', Officer Growler."
"Mornin', Catchum. Good morning, Monster." (pause) "Good morning Monster?!"
-Catchum and Officer Growler, Montgomerry's Mechanical Marvel

"The brakes! The brakes!"
"I can't reach them!"
"I can't drive!"
"I can't look!"
-Montgomery, Bingo, and Portia, Pilot

"Now you can show Billy Beagle that you're still the best stunt pilot!"
-Portia Porcupine, The Wrong Stuff (submitted by BKK8311@aol.com)

"Can I get you anything?"
"How about some chocolate syrup?"
-Woolma and Montgomery, The Bullies

"I thought they'd use the ladder!"
"Maybe it's faster this way."
-Zipper and Portia, Engineer Roary

"Poor Montgomery. He can't get down!"
-Woolma, A Pinch of This, A Dash of That

"This year, I'm going to cheat!"
"But Catchum, you always cheat!"
-Catchum and Leland, Montgomery's Mechanical Marvel

"Oh disaster!"
-Woolma, Various episodes

"I can't believe it! Foiled by a bunch of kids!"
-Sammy the Sneak, The Get Along Detectives

"Was this all part of your fantastic plan?"
-Leland, The Bullies

"Just add a couple of cherries, and we have Moose a la Mode!"
_Penelope Pig, The Bullies

"Lacerelli spaghetti."
-Leland, Pilot

"How much you guys wanna bet that I can keep Bingo's trap shut for the rest of the day?"
-Zipper, Caboose on the Loose

"I don't think I like this, Catchum."
"You're right, do-do brain, you don't think! That's what you've got me for!"
-Leland and Catchum, Montgomery's Mechanical Marvel

"No one hires a lazy lizard!"
-Catchum, Pick of the Litter

"Montgomery always beats ya. He wipes the floor with ya. He pulverises ya!"
"Enough, bird brain! I get the point!"
-Leland and Catchum, Montgomery's Mechanical Marvel

"Get off of me, you bonehead!"
-Woolma, Caboose on the Loose

"Freeze, swamp breath!"
-Dotty, Montgomery's Mechanical Marvel

"When your conscience talks, you should always listen."
"In our case, we didn't have a choice."
-Miss Deering and Leland, School's Out

"No problem!"
-Montgomery, various episodes

"Wanna bet?"
-Bingo, Pilot

"Where did everybody go?"
-Portia, Pilot

"That means we've got the clubhouse back!"
"That's a relief!"
-Montgomery and Mr. Hoofnagel, Caboose on the Loose

-Portia, Engineer Roary

"What are you? A town full of crooks?"
-Bingo, Zipper's Millions

"Wheeee! This is fun!"
-Portia, Them's the Brakes