The Get-Along-Gang Character Profiles

Montgomery "Good News" Moose: the leader. Tall, awkward, prone to getting his antlers stuck in low-hanging trees. Patient, good natured sort...always ready to try again when the first attempt fails. Scientific type...likes to tinker.
VOICES: Charles Haid (Nelvana), Sparky Marcus (DIC)

Dottie Dog: The cheerleader. Spirited, perky. A bit reckless and impatient at times. A go-getter.
VOICES: Mara Hobel (Nelvana), Bettina Bush (DIC)

Zipper Cat: the athlete. Pushes himself to the max. A bit overbearing. Stands up for himself. Tough guy who was raised in the waterfront and moved to the suburb of Green Meadow. Hides a good heart behind a tough exterior.
VOICES: Jim Henshaw (Nelvana), Robbie Lee (DIC)

Woolma Lamb: Somewhat self-centered and vain. A ballerina. Will stand up for the others when given the opportunity but oftens does what's best for herself first. Fusses over her hair and appearance a lot.
VOICES: Julie Cohen (Nelvana), Georgi Irene (DIC)

Bingo "Bet-It-All" Beaver: Mischievous materialistic prankster. Prone to make foolish bets and to fall for crazy money-making schemes. Wears overalls with knee patches, perhaps coming from a low-income household and trying hard to look good to his middle-class friends. Will share with the others after Zipper's prodding to "do the right thing".
VOICES: Maria Lufolsky (Nelvana), Scott Menville (DIC)

Portia Porcupine: The "baby" of the group. Youngest member. Innocent and honest although tends to whine and throw tantrums when things trouble her.
VOICES: Gloria Figura (Nelvana), Sherry Lynn (DIC)

Braker Turtle: Bespectacled, bookish. Runs pretty fast for a turtle. Nerdy-looking and yet hip to many things. Town paperboy.
VOICE: Frank Welker (DIC)

Rocco Rabbit: Former bully. Likes to play playful pranks. Tough guy on the side of the angels...will stand up to defend the gang from the bad guys.

Rudyard Lion: Foreign exchange student. Likes loud Hawaiian shirts and beanie hats. Quiet type.

Lolly Squirrel: Daughter of the town candy manufacturer. Raised in an upper-middle-class environment. Carries a purse and wears a pink beret. Somewhat of a tattletale but gets along well with the others.

Flora "Forget Me Not" Fox: Carries a camera photographer. Wears flowers in her hair. Free-Spirit?

Bernice Bear: A little tomboyish...likes riding on skateboard and investigating mysteries. Proficient at cooking and sewing. Ace baton twirler.

Officer Growler: the friendly town policeman. Acts tough if he has to be, but has a soft spot for the kids since they don't cause trouble too much
VOICES: Mark Gordon (Nelvana), Don Messick (DIC)

Mr. Hoofnagel: ran the town ice cream parlor. He was once an expert airplane pilot as mentioned in one DIC cartoon episode. He was a bit cranky at times and a bit frugal but liked the business the Get Along Gang gave him whenthey hung around his parlor
VOICES: Wayne Robson (Nelvana), Don Messick (DIC)

Catchum Crocodile: Enemy of the Get-Along-Gang. Has a greedy streak in him. Most likely to make a bet with Bingo in order to get the clubhouse
VOICES: Dan Hennessy (Nelvana), Timothy Gibbs (DIC)

Leland Lizard: Catchum's dopey sidekick. Stereotypical sidekick of the bad guy, although there were times where Leland wasn't as dumb as he looked (mostly in the comics).
VOICES: Dave Thomas (Nelvana), Nicky Katt (DIC)

Homer and Gomer Badger: The ghostly custodians of Haunted Badger Mansion. Sons of Beauregarde Badger, founder of the Green Meadow Joke and Novelty Company,they spend eternity bickering over their inheritance,the Mansion itself. (Comic book characters) Sent in by Paul McNaughton

Mayor Badger: Cowardly descendant of Homer and Gomer. Has something of a weight problem. He must spend one night at the Mansion every year otherwise it goes up for public sale. (Comic book plot line) Sent in by Paul McNaughton

The information of the Get-Along-Gang members, Mr. Hoofnagel, and Officer Growler and all voice credits were given to me by Arthur Yee. The profiles for Catchum and Leland are my own. All of these characters will appear in my fanfiction.


Originally from the 1991 Disney cartoon "Darkwing Duck," welcome Gosalyn Mallard to the Get Along Gang! I used her in my fanfiction "Lucky Thirteen." DWD is a favorite cartoon of mine, and I had been using Gosalyn and the GAG kids in the fanfic on my other page. I'm a crossover fiend, and I just can't quit cold turkey.

Gosalyn Mallard: The newest member of the Get Along Gang. Originally from St. Canard, she moved to Green Meadow with her father, Drake, former crime fighter Darkwing Duck (but only Gosalyn knows this). She's a tomboy, much more so than Bernice. Likes skateboarding and sports. Catchum is somewhat afraid of her. Gosalyn sometimes clashes with Montgomery when it comes to figuring out what to do in a jam. Montgomery would try to reason, Gosalyn would rather use action than words.
VOICE: (from the "Darkwing Duck" cartoon) Christine Cavanaugh

The next set of profiles were submitted by Arthur Yee. He told me that these were the offical "American Greetings" descriptions. AG is in quotes, Arthur's comments are after them.

Montgomery "Good News" Moose:

"'Good News' is the unofficial leader of the Get Along Gang because of his good nature and his ability to always do the best he can. Maybe not the fastest thinker, 'Good News' is the most thorough one. He is also very athletic and is good at most sports- except those which his size makes it hard for him."

Like to tinker with gadgets and scientific experiments. Tallest member. Awkward at times. Has an uncle who is a film director. Best buddies with Braker Turtle.
Nelvana end credit appearance- Dancing with his roller skates on.

Dotty Dog:

"Dotty's full of vim, vigor, and vitality with enough energy to fill a football stadium. She's a cheerleader through and through and is a strong supporter of the gang and all of its activities. She is also a 'take charge' person; and whenever the gang has trouble deciding what to do, Dotty's the one who jumps in and suggests a plan of action. The other kids in the gang often come to her for advice or help when they are in trouble."

Reckless and impatient at times. Has an elderly cousin Wilton. Her grandmother has a good cookie recipe.
Nelvana end credit appearance- Leading the gang in a cheer and waving her pom-poms.

Zipper Cat:

"Zipper is another athlete of the gang. That's just one of the many areas in which he competes with Montgomery 'Good News' Moose. But Zipper really prefers to take part in sports where the only competition is himself. That's one reason he likes running so much. Because he's a runner, Zipper's body is a temple, and he takes a lot of trouble to look good. All in all, the gang thinks that Zipper is a good guy to be around."

Has a bit of a temper and tends to be flip at times. Best buddies with Bingo Beaver. Raised in the tough waterfront and moved to Green Meadow.
Nelvana end credit appearance- Skipping a rope and mugging for the viewer.

Woolma Lamb:

"Woolma primps a great deal. She always wants to look her best. After all, she is the 'prima ballerina' of Green Meadow (which is made easier by the fact that she is the only ballerina in Green Meadow). Really, though, being a member of the gang is most important to Woolma; and her loyalties are to the gang and all that it stands for."

Often carries a mirror to admire herself. Somewhat vain. Very close friend to Rudyard Lion. Has an aunt who lives in the waterfront.
Nelvana end credit appearance- Doing a graceful ballet move.

Bingo "Bet-It-All" Beaver:

"Bingo is the most innocent looking of all of the kids in the Get Along Gang. No one would even believe that Bingo 'Bet-It-All' Beaver could ever do anything mischievous or naughty. Well, that's hardly true...Bingo's got his name because he likes to bet...on anything and the gang has lost count of all the times Bingo's betting has resulted in some really goofy adventures."

Very materialistic and a bit on the greedy side. Not too athletic or coordinated. Battled a fear of water. Possibly from a low-income household. Best buddies with Zipper Cat who often prods him to do the right thing. Has a pen pal named Susie.
Nelvana end credit appearance- flipping a coin.

Portia Porcupine:

"Portia is a trendsetter. That means that she knows long before anyone else in Green Meadow which fads are going to pass. That may be because is so curious and always wants to know the who, what, and why of everything. She is good friends with everyone in the gang and loves being a part of all the gang's fun-filled activities."

Youngest member. One grade behind the other kids. Shortest member. Can be a crybaby or throw tantrums when things trouble her. Honest and sincere.
Nelvana end credit appearances- Attempting to dance twice and laughing and running off at the end.

Braker Turtle:

"Braker is sometimes called the 'the brains' of the Get Along Gang and he really enjoys that. Braker is often called upon by the other kids in the gang for help on anything from a missing word in a crossword puzzle to helping with homework from school to solving some mystery confronting the gang. He tends to be a little cautious. in fact, that's how he got his name- by 'putting the brakes' to all the gang tries to do."

-Town newspaper delivery boy. Wears glassses. Runs fast. Best buddies with Rocco Rabbit. Appears in Nelvana pilot and 8 tv cartoons.

Nelvana end credit appearance: Breakdancing.

Rocco Rabbit:

"Rocco looks tough. Rocco acts tough. So obviously, Rocco is tough. Well, that's what he wants everyone to think, and that is exactly what they do think. In truth, 'The Rock' is just a plain, old-fashioned nice guy who will do just about anything for any member of the Get along Gang.''

-Likes to nap. Reformed bully. Playful.. Best buddies with Braker Turtle. Sports a band-aid on his right ear. Appears in Nelvana pilot and 5 tv cartoons.

Nelvana end credit appearance: Snaps fingers with back to the camera, spins, and faces the viewers with a thumbs-up.

Bernice Bear:

"Bernice may not be as daring as the other kids in the Get Aong Gang but she still is an important member. She sometimes is the 'lookout' for the gang if they are on some special secret mission. She is the one who makes it a point to know what's happening in Green Meadow. And, Bernice always does her best to keep the Clubhouse Caboose as neat as possible- even if it annoys the other kids in the gang."

-A little bit of a tomboy. Athletic. Caan cook and bake. Appears in Nelvana pilot and 3 tv cartoons.

Nelvana end credit appearance: Throws a baton in the air, does a backflip, and catches the baton.

Flora "Forget-Me-Not" Fox:

"Although many of the residents of Green Meadon believe Flora is timid and reserved, she is, in fact, just the opposite. When fun and excitement are in the air, her voice has been known to carry clear across Green Meadow. But when she bats her long eyelashes or looks shyly at someone, it's no wonder that she's called 'Forget Me Not'".

-Expert photographer. Loves flowers. Apppears in the Nelvana pilot and in 3 tv cartoons.

Nelvana end credit appearance: Dancing shyly by rocking side to side, hands clasped in front of her and shoulders in a shrug.

Lolly Squirrel:

"Lolly is everything a rich, well-mannered little girl should be- very prim and very proper. She's always dressed in her very best and can stay neat and clean while joining in the gang's good times. She just dusts off her shoes and smoothes out her dress without anyone knowing that she's just finished playing nine innings in the gang's season opener. even though her father, Schneider Squirrel, is the owner of the Sweets Factory and Lolly can often supply the gang with chocolate bars, she is and always will be one of the gang because of herself."

-Pitcher on the gang's baseball team. Weaars a beret and carries a purse. A bit of a tattletale. Appears in the Nelvana pilot and in 2 tv cartoons.
Nelvana end credit appearance: Dancing.

Rudyard Lion:

"Rudyard came to Green Meadow as a foreign exchange student. But he found the language and customs and ways of Green Meadow a little strange. That, and the fact that he was so quiet (Rudyard says that all of his family is quiet) made his first days here a little hard. Then he met the gang and everything changed. Rudyard loves jokes, even when they are on him. After all, jokes are just good-natured friendly fun."

-Wears beanie hats and flowered shirts. Very close to Woolma Lamb. Speaks with a British Accent in the Read-along book/cassette recordings. Appears in the Nelvana pilot and 2 tv cartoons.
Nelvana end credit appearance: Grooving to the music and doing the Twist.