"The Get-Along-Gang"(Nelvana pilot)

This was the first Get-Along-Gang material I ever saw on TV. It started out with some of the Gang members heading toward the Clubhouse Caboose for their meeting. Everybody is talking at once and/or not listening. Portia Porcupine arrives late, Zipper Cat is running laps on a table, Rocco Rabbit and Braker Turtle are playing checkers, Woolma Lamb is admiring herself in the mirror, Rudyard Lion is staring at Woolma, and Bingo Beaver is reading a car magazine. Montgomery Moose is trying to call the gang to order, but they don't pay any attention, until Montgomery bangs his shoe on a box. Everybody comes to order after that. Montgomery then goes on to discuss the annual Green Meadow Festival. Portia then jumps on aboard, which is propped up by an inner tube. Once she jumps on it, the board acts as a catapult of somesort and sends Bingo into the air. Montgomery takes that to mean Bingo has an idea about the festival. Bingo then suggests the gang enters the Grand Prix car race. According to Woolma, he says that every year, and every year the Gang says the same thing: they don't have a car to race with. Portia then suggests the Get-Along-Gang enters the Scavenger Hunt. Zipper and Woolma then complain about the prize being just "a dumb blue ribbon." However, Dotty Dog and Montgomery then point out it isn't the prize that matters, it's the fun trying for it. Zipper tells Montgomery that he wins every year and there really isn't any point trying for it. Bingo gets an idea after this. He suggests that Mr. Hoofnagel, owner of Hoofnagel's Ice Cream Emporium, sponser the Scavenger Hunt. The others are shocked, thinking Mr. Hoofnagel will never give away free ice cream because he's too cheap. Then Bingo says his trademark "Wanna bet?" and tells the Gang to leave everything to him. Montgomery suggests that Dotty goes with him, just to make sure he doesn't get the gang into any trouble. Bingo asks the gang to name one time he got them into trouble, and everybody raises their hands. Bingo clears his throat and asks Dotty if she's ready to go. Dotty tells the gang there's one more piece of business, which is her bicycle powered vacuum cleaner. The clubhouse needs a big clean up job. Everybody gets a shocked look on their faces and take off, leaving Montgomery, Dotty, and Portia alone in a messy clubhouse.

Later, Dotty and Bingo are at Hoofnagel's and they tell him if he sponsers the Scavenger Hunt, he'll get new customers. Intrigued, Mr. Hoofnagel asks what he has to do. Dotty suggests he name an ice cream flavor in honor of the winner and Bingo suggests, along with that, to give the winner all the milkshakes the winner can drink. Mr. Hoofnagel thinks it over, and finally agrees. Bingo and Dotty return to the clubhouse and everybody is imagining themselves as ice cream flavors. The scene shifts to another part of Green Meadow, the Swamp. There, Catchum Crocodile is thinking about joining in on the Scavenger Hunt. His sidekick, Leland Lizard, asks him if they're joining the Get-Along-Gang, and Catchum grimaces at the mere thought of joining a gang where you have to get along together. Then he tells Leland about a plan that will help him win. At the beginning of the next scene, Catchum and Leland are sneaking around in front of Hoofnagel's Ice Cream Emporium. Catchum sets Leland up like a look out (even though I think Leland doesn't have a clue to what he's looking for), and sneaks underneath a large sheet, where the list for the Scavenger Hunt is. He adds something to the list. While he's writing, Officer Growler, who's the judge of the Scavenger Hunt, arrives and tells everyone that the Hunt is about to begin. The Get-Along-Gang rushes out of the Ice Cream Emporium and Officer Growler takes the sheet off the list. The rules of the Hunt are simple: the contestants have until noon to bring back as many items as possible and the one with the most points wins. The Gang goes over the list, until they reach the last item: Lacertilia Squamata, which is worth 2000 points. Everybody is wondering what the heck is a Lacertilia Squamata. Finally, they forget it and run off, except Bingo. He looks at Catchum and asks him who he thinks is going to win. Catchum says he will, and Bingo, obviously not thinking, goes over to him, and says those famous last words, "Wanna bet?" Catchum agrees, and Bingo says if one of the Get-Along-Gang wins and he loses, he has to clean the clubhouse for a year. But Catchum says if he wins, he gets the clubhouse. Bingo hesitates for a second, but then agrees, thinking Catchum couldn't win in a million years.

When the show comes back from commercials, Montgomery is doing his best to yank an old bathtub from a pile of junk, but it falls on him. Zipper comes by and Montgomery asks for his help. Zipper just tells Montgomery to turn the bathtub over, laughs, and takes off. Meanwhile, Dotty is trying to get a compressor pump loose from something (I don't know what the heck it is, though), when Zipper comes by again on his scooter, with a canoe balanced on the handle bars. He crashes into two trees, and the scooter goes between them. It also pushes Dotty's wheelbarrow asside, stops (amazingly), and Dotty puts her compressor pump on it. She does the double take and realizes she put her pump on Zipper's scooter, and it races off. The wheelbarrow turns around and scoops up Dotty. It hits a rock, and she goes flying through the air. She lands in one end of Zipper's canoe, sending him flying through the air. Then, the canoe heads downhill, like a sled, and hits the wheelbarrow. Montgomery, in the meantime, is trying to get the bathtub onto his little red wagon. He sees Dotty coming at him from the right, Zipper's scooter coming at him from the left (or vice versa), and Zipper himself coming at him from above. Everybody crashes. In results of the crash, the bathtub is on Montgomery's wagon, the canoe is on Zipper's scooter, and Dotty lands in front of her compressor pump. The three of them head back to Hoofnagel's.

Meanwhile, back at Hoofnagel's, Officer Growler is writing something on a clipboard, when a phone booth runs into him. Portia is behind it, and tells Officer Growler that it's worth a hundred points. Officer Growler tells her that it's a phone book that's worth a hundred points. Portia asks how much the phone booth is worth and Catchum says it's worth no points and laughs. He still thinks he's got the Scavenger Hunt won and turns to Leland, only to find him missing. He starts calling him, screaming that he can't find a Lacertilia Squamata without him. Leland is looking everywhere for a Lacertilia Squamata during this time. Some of the members of the Get-Along-Gang are racing around, trying to beat each other to Hoofnagel's. They end up heading for the same covered bridge at the exact same time. The first one out is Braker bouncing on an electric pogo stick and wearing a gorilla mask. Leland is hanging on the back of it. Montgomery and Dotty come out of the bridge next, and the others are fighting in a large cloud (only in cartoons). Meanwhile, Catchum is looking for Leland and ends up stepping into a can of purple paint. Woolma is using a roller to paint a cow purple (since a purple cow is worth 150 points). Catchum then says that he is going to win and runs off (with the paint can still stuck on his foot). Portia had just brought in a trampoline (with a tiger jumping on it). Officer Growler tells her is a tamborine, not a trampoline. The other gang members are starting to bring in their stuff: the canoe, the bathtub, a row boat, a sundial, chicken dentures, electric pogo stick, and the gorilla mask, just to name a few. Dotty brings in a 1938 model Q car, and Catchum nearly has a heart attack, since he can't find Leland. Finally, Leland shows up on the scene. He picks Leland up and calls over to the others, claiming he found a Lacertilia Squamata, worth 2000 points. Everybody else groans. Zipper suspects he cheated, and says he's going to play by Catchum's rules and cheat, but Montgomery asks him "why stoop to his level?" Dotty, the optomist, claims they'll be another Scavenger Hunt next year, and then Bingo admits the bet he made. More groaning follows.

When the special comes back from commercials, the Gang is trying to figure out what to do to keep the clubhouse, since the Scavenger Hunt ends in half an hour. Dotty gets an idea right about now. She suggests that the Gang combines all their points and then they might have enough points to win. They put everything in Zipper's bin, since he was going to win, anyway. After they pile everything in Zipper's bin, Braker starts figuring out how many points they have, but Officer Growler says they need 500 more points to win. Then Dotty notices that the Grand Prix cup is worth 500 points and the race is about to begin. The Gang has to enter the car race, but Zipper says that they don't have a car. Then Dotty points to the Model Q, saying that they do. Bingo doesn't think Dotty can get the car to work, but Dotty says "Wanna bet?" and Bingo does the double take. The Gang pushes the car to the race track, while Dotty's working on it. Finally, she finishes. The race starts and the cars take off, except the Model Q. Right after the other cars take off, the Model Q breaks down. Catchum and Leland are cracking up. The other members of the Get-Along-Gang jump out from the bleachers and start working on the car. Catchum and Leland are laughing at them as they fix up the car. Finally, everything is in working order and they try to push it so the car will go. Portia looks at the hand brake and pulls it. Then the car takes off. As it takes off, Dotty and Bingo are hanging onto the fenders of the car and Zipper is hanging on the back. As they're racing around, the car hits a bump in the road and the Gang flies out of the car. Zipper and Dotty end up in the backseat, Bingo in front, Portia in the driver's seat, and Montgomery is sprawled out on the hood. Montgomery realizes that they're in direct path of the car in front of them, so he tells Portia to turn right, and Portia turns the wheel one way, and then another when Montgomery tells her to turn left. Then he tells her to floor it, but Portia doesn't know how, so Bingo puts his tail on the gas pedal and the Gang speeds up. It's towards the end of the race, and the Gang is neck and neck with the other cars, and it's a photo finish. The Gang wins the race, and the trophy ends up on Montgomery's antlers. Then they race towards Hoofnagel's. Time is running out fast, Montgomery yells for Bingo and Portia to put on the brakes, but Bingo can't reach them. It looks like they're either gonna lose the Scavenger Hunt or crash. But, Portia pulls the hand brake and the trophy falls off Montgomery's antlers and ends up in Zipper's bin. The clock strikes noon just then and the Get-Along-Gang wins the Scavenger Hunt with 2001 points.

The next scene, the Gang is in Hoofnagel's and he announces that his new flavor of ice cream is going to be called Get-Along-Grape. Also, the Gang has won all the milkshakes they can drink. Realizing that, Mr. Hoofnagel faints. After that, the Gang walks out of the Emporium, drinking milkshakes. Montgomery is glad that they didn't lose the clubhouse after all. Bingo points out it was becayse they worked together and got along. Now they won't have to clean it for a year. Montgomery then points out that they almost lost it because of the bet. The others are glaring at him. Then Bingo says that his betting days are over, and they don't believe him. He keeps telling them that he's done. Finally, he says "Wanna bet" and groans. Then Dotty and the Gang does a cheer and ending credits start.