Montgomery's Mechanical Marvel

At the start of this episode, the gang (save for Montgomery) are sitting around outside the Clubhouse Caboose, waiting for Montgomery to finish his science fair project so they can see what it is. Montgomery calls them inside to take a look, and he unveils Hermie the Robot (who bears a striking resemblance to our main moose). That gang has a laugh until Hermie asks if he could be of any service to the gang, who are all awe stricken that Hermie can talk! After locating Zipper's baseball, cleaning the clubhouse, and telling Bingo the odds of him winning a bet (which are 2,143 to one), the gang gets into an argument over the control box, because they all want a turn with it.

At this time, Catchum and Leland are coming along. Catchum wants to see Montgomery's science fair project. Leland wants to know why, since Montgomery beats him every year, but Catchum says this year is going to be different because he's going to cheat ("but Catchum, you always cheat," says Leland). The two sneaks spot the Get Along Gang playing baseball, with Hermie pitching. Catchum then comes up with a plan to beat Montgomery in the science fair by having Leland pose as a robot.

The Get Along Gang is then seen walking down the street to the science fair. On their way, they pass a rabbit lady sweeping her front stoop. She sees Hermie and immediately calls Officer Growler to report that the Get Along Gang has a monster with them. The gang makes a stop at Hoofnagel's for some ice cream before heading for the science fair. They introduce Hermie to Mr. Hoofnagel, and Montgomery uses the control box to have Hermie serve the gang their ice cream, but Dotty grabs the control box and uses it to control Hermie, who puts the bowls on a tray upside down and scoops the ice cream on top of them. The gang starts to fight over the box, causing Hermie to fling the ice cream across the room. The ice cream hits Mr. Hoofnagel, and he orders them all out. The gang leaves to get to the science fair. Meanwhile, Catchum and Leland are on their way to the science fair as well. They pass Officer Growler, who doesn't believe that call about monsters on Maple Street, until Catchum and Leland pass by.

At the science fair, the judges have narrowed down the winners and it's between Montgomery and Hermie, and Catchum and his robot, "Gotcha." Catchum sneaks backstage and rewires Hermie. While he's doing that, Dotty gets up on the stage to get a closer look at Catchum's "robot." She wiggles her ear in front of Leland's face, causing him to sneeze, and blow his cover. He and Catchum beat a hasty retreat. Montgomery is ready to demonstrate Hermie to the judges and pushes a few buttons on the control box, but Hermie goes berserk and begins destroying everything in his path. Montgomery is trying to stop him, but is unable to. Hermie then staggers around, saying that he "must destroy the control box." Catchum and Leland run past the gang to get away from the rampaging robot, causing Montgomery to drop the control box. It lands on Leland's helmet, but neither he, nor Catchum are aware of it. The gang chases after Hermie to stop him before he destroys the entire town.

Hermie is chasing Catchum and Leland through town, trying to get the control box, and practically destroying everything in his path. Catchum and Leland run into Hoofnagel's and hide under a table. Hermie comes crashing through the wall, and makes a grab for the box, but Catchum and Leland take off again. Hermie goes after them, and the gang manages to catch him as he's coming down the street. Montgomery tells Portia (who's riding on his shoulders) to push the red button to deactivate Hermie, which she does. The gang cheers, but they don't celebrate for long when they see Officer Growler and some of the townspeople glaring angrily at them. He wants to know who is going to clean up the mess. The scene shifts to Green Meadow fully restored, thanks to Hermie the Robot, who is not only the winner of the science fair, but also Green Meadow's newest citizen.