The Green Meadow Public Library

Pretty empty thus far. I've got fanfic for other pages to work on, so this part of the Central may not get updated too often.


Lucky Thirteen Gosalyn Mallard from St. Canard moves to Green Meadow and is asked to become the thirteenth member of the Get Along Gang

I crossed over The Get Along Gang with another favorite cartoon of mine, Darkwing Duck (Disney cartoon) for this one. I'm a major crossover writer, and it's sort of hard to quit cold turkey, but this is a far cry from "True Colors" (which has been taken off of this page).

Super Lizard Leland Lizard finds a strange coin that gives him super powers.

For some reason, Leland's a favorite character of mine. I guess I wanted to do something to show that he wasn't a blithering idiot like he was in the pilot. I feel I'm the only one who noticed that he's not all that stupid in the TV series.


These started out on the Get Along Gang Yahoo Group as text comics. I asked if I could post them here, because since they're on the group mailing list, only members can read them, and there might be other Get Along Gang fans out on the world wide web who aren't interested in joining the group, or something. Anyway, these are really great stories.

Top of the Rubbish Heap

Rudyard's Roots

The Search for Bingo's Mind

Wool-Be-Gone Woolma

Hollywood if Lolly Would

Never Get Along With a Bully


Out of the Ballpark by Ppossum

My first fanfic! submission! Thanks, Ppossum!