Half a Map is Better Than None

As this episode starts, Dotty is coming out of the house of a walrus sea captain. The Captain is thanking Dotty for helping him straighten it out, and he gives her a book called "The Lost Treasure of the Mole Tecs." Dotty meets up with Portia and shows her the book. The tow of them start reading it on their way to the Clubhouse Caboose.

At the clubhouse, Montgomery is playing basketball and Bingo is cleaning out the caboose. He brings a box outside, sets it down, and then goes back into the caboose. Dotty and Portia are coming along, reading how the Mole Tecs used a series of booby traps to protect their treasure, when Dotty trips over Bingo's box, and the book goes flying. Montgomery picks it up, opens it, and unearths a map.

Meanwhile, Catchum and Leland are sitting around playing Tic Tac Toe, in which Leland wins. Catchum then wants to play basketball (because he can beat Leland at that), but they don't have a basketball. Catchum decides to go borrow one from the Get Along Gang, but without telling them (because, as Leland pointed out, the gang knows Catchum wouldn't return it). As the two sneaks sneak over to the Clubhouse Caboose, they hear the gang talking about the Mole Tec's treasure, and Catchum is immediately intrigued. Dotty discovers something on the back of the map: "At one o' clock, stand in the shade of the tree, take two short steps, and jump." Catchum and Leland are sitting on a tree branch above an opening in the roof of the caboose, with a suction cup attached to a fishing pole, in an attempt to steal the map from the gang. Instead of the map, he catches Rocco Rabbit, who is asleep, and is about to reel him in (thinking it's the map). As he's reeling, the branch he and Leland are sitting on breaks, and the two reptiles fall directly into the caboose, and a fight ensues over the map. The map tears in half, leaving one half with the gang, and the other half with Catchum and Leland, who immediately run off to look for the treasure. The gang decides to use their half of the map in an attempt to find the treasure first.

The gang reaches a rocky mountain type region. According to the map, it's the right place, but there's no trees in sight. The sun then shines through a hole in a rock, and the shadow that is cast is the shape of a tree. Montgomery takes two short steps, but finds there isn't a place to jump to. He leans against the wall, and a secret door opens. The gang tumbles down a slide, and find themselves in the cave of the Mole Tecs. Dotty warns them to be careful, since the Mole Tecs set up booby traps to guard the treasure. Portia notices Montgomery is missing, and the gang looks up and sees Montgomery stuck in between two stalagmites by his antlers. Bingo bangs on them with his tail and Montgomery is loosened. Once he's down, the gang goes to look for the treasure.

Meanwhile, Catchum and Leland arrive on the scene using their half of the map. They take two steps and jump, and end up smashing into the wall (SPLAT!) After regaining their senses, they hear the Get Along Gang inside, and sneak in. The gang is looking for the treasure in the meantime. They reach a dead end, and start going down another tunnel. Catchum and Leland see them coming, and Catchum comes up with an idea to scare them off. Portia notes how creepy it is in the cave and Bingo tells her "don't be such a scaredy cat." Almost immediately, the gang has a run in with a ghost. Bingo is ready to head for the hills, but Montgomery stops him, and pulls a string that's attached to the "ghost." It turns out to be a balloon, which quickly deflates. Catchum and Leland get caught on it, and are blown down a tunnel.

The gang heads down another tunnel and find a chest sitting on a podium. Montgomery takes a large rock in order to break the lock, but Catchum and Leland race in and grab the chest. It looks like the two of them are going to make a clean get away, when they set off another booby trap. They are catapulted from a spring loaded panel in the floor and land in a mess of ropes suspended over a large pit. The ropes are slowly breaking and it will only be a matter of minutes before they will snap. The gang can't save Catchum and Leland and get the treasure as well. Montgomery claims they don't have a choice and they have to save Catchum and Leland, (much to Woolma's dismay). The gang forms a chain, starting with Bingo wrapping his tail around a handle in a nearby door. They pull up Catchum and Leland just as the rope they were hanging on snaps. Once they're back up, Catchum says he's learned his lesson, and he will no longer pull anymore dirty tricks. The rope that was holding the chest breaks then, and the chest plummets to the bottom of the bit. The impact of the fall springs the lock, and a bunch of spears fly out of it. Dotty points out if the gang had gone after the box instead of saving Catchum and Leland, "it would have been goodbye, Get Along Gang!" Portia then spots the real treasure, which is a solid gold statue. Catchum tries to pull it loose, despite Montgomery's warning not to, since it holds the ceiling up. Catchum knocks the statue from it's setting, and the ceiling begins to cave in. Everyone makes a break for it, except Catchum, who refuses to leave without the treasure. When he sees a nearby avalanche, he makes a run for it. He, Leland, and the Get Along Gang dive out of the cave with seconds to spare, before falling rocks seal off the entrance to the cave.

Upon returning to the caboose, Montgomery is bandaging Catchum's arms (apparently he injured them, my best guess is when he dove out of the cave) and tells him that "the Mole Tec's treasure was for people to look at. Not to touch!" Catchum claims he found that out the hard way! But the gang ends up finding buried treasure anyway, when Bingo unearths a silver dollar. Catchum makes a grab for it, and races out of the caboose. "Here we go again," groans Montgomery, and he and the rest of the gang chase after Catchum.