G.A.G. Episode Guide

This is another episode guide for "The Get-Along-Gang." All of them were sent to me by Arthur Yee who seems to know much more about the show than I do (I was only 3 or 4 years old when it debuted, sue me already!) Anyway, Arthur promised me he'd send some more detailed episode descriptions. Anyway, enjoy!

In original broadcasting order on CBS:

1. Zipper's Millions

Zipper inherits $100,000 but someone is trying to prevent him to claim it. Braker Turtle appears as the one telling Zipper about the inheritance.

guest character voices: Braker/Train Station
Painter/Mole/Raccoon/Bear townspeople: Frank Welker
Miss Tabby: Robbie Lee

2. Half a Map is Better Than None

The gang competes with Catchum and Leland in searching for hidden treasure. Rocco Rabbit appears sleeping on the clubhouse floor and leaning on Portia while still asleep.

guest voices: Captain/Rocco (grunt): Sparky Marcus
Catchum: Tim Gibbs
Leland: Nicky Katt

3. Caboose on the Loose

Bingo loses the caboose to Catchum in a bet and an ensuing fight casues the caboose to speed down the tracks out of control

guest voices: Race Announcer/Spectator/Hoofnagel: Don Messick
Catchum: Tim Gibbs
Leland: Nicky Katt

4. Montgomery's Mechanical Marvel

Montgomery builds a look-a-like Robot for a science fair contest and runs amuck thanks to Catchum.

Hermy the Robot: Sparky Marcus
Officer Growler/Hoofnagel/Owl Science Fair Judge: Don Messick
Rabbit Lady: Sherry Lynn
Catchum: Tim Gibbs
Leland: Nicky Katt

5. Head in the Clouds

The gang enters a kite-flying contest and Portia proves being little can come in handy. Rocco, Bernice, and Flora appear as contestants.

Ezekiah Hedgehog, contest judge and editor of the Green Meadow Gazette newspaper/ Mayor Badger: Don Messick

6. Hunt for the Beast

A detour during a trip to the ocean lands the gang in an encounter with a "snow monster".

Ben (town citizen): Don Messick
Mrs. Whitworth: Sherry Lynn

7. Woolma's Birthday

When she thinks the gang forgot her birthday, an angry Woolma heads for the waterfront to see her Aunt Agnes and encounters tough carny Sammy Skunk.

Bear lady bus passenger (looks like a relative of Bernice Bear)/ Raccoon Gang member: Robbie Lee
Bus driver/Mule warehouse worker/fruit vendor/Sammy Skunk/Diner Cook: Chuck McCann
Randy Raccoon, Raccoon gang leader/Carnival owner: Sparky Marcus
Raccoon Gang member: Scott Menville

8. The Get Along Detectives

After watching a detective movie, the gang want to become private eyes and tangles with a real crook named Sammy the Sneak. Braker and Rocco appear eating at Hoofnagels.

Dogart the movie detective/Police Dispatcher/Sammy the Sneak: Frank Welker
Officer Growler/Hoofnagel/FBI Agent Andrews: Don Messick
Movie actress Fifi Bacall: Sherry Lynn

9. The Get Along Gang Go Hollywood

Montgomery's Uncle Marty, a movie director, visited Green Meadow to shoot a film and is framed for a bank robbery.

Unlce Marty/Actor Steve Bulldog/Mr. Musgrave the Bank president: Frank Welker
Officer Growler/Assistant Director Gary: Don Messick

10. Them's the Brakes

Dotty's cranky and elderly Cousin Wilton joins the gang on an adventure involving a runaway caboose and a ghost in a gold mine.

Cousin Wilton: Chuck McCann
Ghost/Old Prospector: Don Messick

11. A Pinch of This, A Dash of That

Montgomery accidentally invents an anti-gravity formula that Bingo attempts to capitalize on. Braker appears lending Montgomery his chemistry set.

Braker/Mr. Stewart, president of the airplane factory: Don Messick
Mr. Stewart's receptionist: Sherry Lynn

12. Bingo's Tale

Bingo overcomes his fear of the water and the gang's anger to save a crumbling dam.

Radio Newscaster/Officer Growler: Don Messick

13. Engineer Roary

The gang helps Engineer Roary save his struggling Transportation museum and The Mayor save City Hall from burning down.

Roary/Banker/Fireman #2: Chuck McCann
Fireman #1/Mayor Badger: Don Messick

14. Pick of the Litter

When town officials want to convert the swimming hole into the city garbage dump, the gang wants to save it while Catchum wants to sell out. Braker appears swimming with the gang.

Braker/Town Official: Don Messick
Town Official: Sherry Lynn
Catchum: Tim Gibbs
Leland: Nicky Katt

15. Nose for News

The gang enters a contest to find the best news in town. Braker appears telling the gang that Catchum is in trouble.

Newscaster/Braker: Frank Welker
Growler/Storekeeper: Don Messick
Catchum: Tim Gibbs
Leland: Nicky Katt

16. The Lighthouse Pirates

While searching for Marine Life for a science project, Bingo and Zipper get involved with treasure smuggling crooks.

Annie Otter/Rat Crook#1/Rat Captain: Frank Welker
Rat Crook #2/Growler/Police Dispatcher: Don Messick

17. The Wrong Stuff

The gang helps restore Mr. Hoofnagel's old plane to fly in a stunt contest against arrogant flyer Billy Beagle.

Billy Beagle: Chuck McCann
Hoofnagel: Don Messick

18. Uneasy Rider

Portia volunteers to fill-in for a vacationing Braker as newspaper delivery person to earn money to buy a bicycle. Braker appears delivering the papers and telling the gang of his plans. Hoofnagel appears but does not have any dialogue.

Braker: Frank Welker

19. The Get Along Gang Minus One

Troublemaking Bingo learns that his family is moving away and the Gang doesn't believe him. Braker appears playing basketball with Montgomery.

Moving Man Grizz: Chuck McCann
Moving Man Lee/Hoofnagel: Don Messick

20. Camp Get Along

The boys and girls split up on separate camping trips.

No guest characters appear.

21. Bingo's Pen Pal

Bingo's pen pal Susie comes to visit during a Track and Field competition and Bingo and Zipper switch indentities to please her.

Susie: Sherry Lynn
Field Day announcer: Don Messick

22. Follow the Leader

Catchum and Leland scheme to turn a school parade float into a rolling advertisement to get free hot dogs. Rocco, Flora, Rudyard (with black hair), Lolly, and Bernice appear in the crowd at the parade.

Ralph the hot dog stand owner/Band member: Frank Welker
Ms. Deering: Sherry Lynn
Catchum: Tim Gibbs
Leland: Nicky Katt

23. School's Out

Catchum and Leland switch failing test scores with the gang to make them stay after the last day of school to clean up and the gang stage an elaborate trick to get the two baddies to confess. Flora, Rocco, Braker, Bernice, Lolly, and Rudyard (with blonde hair) appear as fellow students.

Miss Deering: Sherry Lynn
Honey Bear/Growler/Police Dispatcher: Don Messick
Catchum: Tim Gibbs
Leland: Nicky Katt

24. The Bullies

The bullying Pig Sisters with Catchum and Leland's help make things miserable for the Gang.

Penelope Pig: Robbie Lee
Paulette Pig: Georgi Irene
Growler: Don Messick
Catchum: Tim Gibbs
Leland: Nicky Katt

25. That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles

Portia's wish to earn money to buy an anniversary gift for her parents with Dotty's Grandmother's cookie recipe snowballs into a scheme by Catchum and Leland to steal the recipe.

Hoofnagel/Growler: Don Messick
Pig Lady Customer: Robbie Lee
Catchum: Tim Gibbs
Leland: Nicky Katt

26. Snowbound Showdown

Zipper and Officer Growler's nephew Dwayne, fiercely compete in Winter sports.

Dwayne AKA "Duke": Tim Gibbs
Growler: Don Messick