Miscellaneous Get-Along-Gang Stuff

Here's space for things that don't really go on any of the other sites. This could be anything like memories from the show (detailed, please. Nothing like "wow, I used to love this show!" and that's it), and other merchandise.

Get-Along-Gang Iron On Patch Card submitted by Ppossum

Get-Along-Gang Iron On Patch, Detail submitted by Ppossum

Two of a Kind me and my pal, Zipper Cat

Cheers! Dotty and her pom poms. My sis let me borrow the pom poms from her cheerleader Build a Bear for this picture.

Club Crocodile Catchum gets back to his roots

Halloween Card given to me by Ppossum, just in time for Halloween (though Montgomery's missing something)

Moose Mask came with the card. Montgomery's missing something here too!

Partners in Crime when these two get together, expect nothing but trouble

The Gang's All Here me and the Get Along Gang

A Gal and Her Reptiles let's see if I can keep Catchum and Leland out of trouble for awhile

Intellectual Companions I think the title of this pic says it all!

Under the Christmas Tree: 1984 I nicknamed this Christmas Year of the Care Bears, but you will see Zipper Cat and Portia Porcupine under there, too

I'm Only Two and a Half Years Old! okay, okay, maybe not half (I was born in May). I don't remember what was in the box, but you will notice it's wrapped in Get Along Gang wrapping paper!

Looking at the Christmas Loot Check out my Get Along Gang nightshirt! Unfortunately, I no longer have it in my possession

Cat Got Your Tongue? this is something I just couldn't resist

Valentine Express sent in by Ppossum, a Get Along Gang Valentine's card!