The Green Meadow Art Gallery

This page is for G.A.G. fanart. All submissions are welcome!


The Twelve Days of Christmas Featuring the Get-Along Gang

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Two Turtle Doves

Three French Hens

Four Calling Birds

Five Golden Rings

Six Geese A-Laying

Seven Swans A-Swimming

Eight Maids A-Milking

Nine Ladies Dancing

Ten Lords A-Leaping

Eleven Pipers Piping

Twelve Drummers Drumming

Kitten Cousins Zipper (right) and his cousins, Miss Tabby (left), and my original character, Jennifer Tabby (center)


Portia Porcupine this great picture was sent in by Paul McNaughton.

Bingo "Bet-It-All" Beaver yet another great drawing

Lolly Squirrel a wonderful drawing of a character rarely seen on the cartoon show

Braker Turtle yet another phenomenal piece of Get-Along-Gang fanart.

Dotty Dog another great piece of fan art.

Woolma Lamb another wonderful submission

Montgomery Moose where does this guy get his talent? Yet another great picture.

Zipper Cat another great pic. I tell you, this guy is talented.

Oops! Wrong Cartoon! this was drawn by Ppossum, but he got the idea from Arthur Yee. But whatever the case, look at it. It's hilarious!

Bernice and Zipper something tells me Zipper didn't have this in mind when he told Bernice he'd help clean up the clubhouse

Kodak Moment well, this makes for an interesting picture. That's about all I can tell ya

Flora Fox boy, talk about your kodak moments!

Catchum Crocodile and Leland Lizard when it doesn't look like anybody's up to anything, that means they're up to something. . . .

The Clubhouse Caboose the official hang out of The Get-Along-Gang

Rudyard, Woolma, and Mr. Hoofnagel looks like they're having a good time, no?

"Look what happened to the zebra!" hey, I can relate to this! There are a ton of crazy drivers out there, folks!

Lunchtime ahhh, remeniscent of my high school years: Feeding Time at the Zoo

Star Paws: Episode 1 obviously, we've got a "Star Wars" fan here

Montgomery and Zipper remember the ol' Etch-A-Sketch?

And Here's the Kickoff! one word: DUCK!

Here's to a Job Well Done I'm not so sure Zipper and Woolma would agree with that

3D Dotty now this is a really cool picture

Portia in Wonderland looks a little familiar, doesn't it?


The Other Members of The Get-Along-Gang this picture was drawn my Arthur Yee. It's the unsung heros of the Get-Along-Gang, clockwise from bottom left, Rudyard Lion, Lolly Squirrel, Braker Turtle, Bernice Bear, Rocco Rabbit, and Flora Fox

The Horn Section guess the Gang didn't want Montgomery to be left out

Beddy Bye Bernice the gang faces hibernating season

Betcha Bingo's in Trouble so what else is new?

Betcha All is Forgiven you expected anything less of the Get Along Gang?

Braker's Favorite Magazine you've got to see it to believe it!

Cheers to the Moose I'm just taking a wild stap at this . . . . this is a "Cheers" joke, right? I don't watch that one

De-Cat-A-Lon what were you expecting?

Dotty in Stereo I can relate to this. Music is my life

80% Fewer Cavities better go brush your teeth!

Flora Among Fauna nice little play on words here

Flora Flash someone hand me a pair of sunglasses next time Flora decides to take a picture

Flying Squirrel are we in Frostbite Falls yet?

Go Bingo Go Dotty cheers along Bingo

Stop Bingo Stop well, she tried to warn him

Lion in the Sand another play on words

Portia's Porsche you were expecting a Model Q?

Raining Cats and Dogs anyone got an extra umbrella?

R 'n R Rocco and Rudyard. R 'n R. Get it?

Rocco Rocks hand over some earplugs!

Saturday Night Beaver disco isn't dead. It's just been in a coma

Smile! you're on candid camera! Oops, wrong show!


All of these were drawn by Arthur Yee

Moose Malts

Cheer Cheer Chews

Zip Zap

Peppermint Pirouettes

Big Bet Block

Porcu-Pound Pack

Braker's Shells


Rocco-Co-Nut Bar

Gummi Berets

Rudyard's Royals

Sour Flowers


Schneider Squirrel PSA

Schneider Squirrel's Seal of Quality


Prickly and Sticky Montgomery finds that Portia has fallen into a quicksand pit

Missing Book Found Portia's upset that she lost a library book due back tomorrow! But Dotty saves the day!