Get-Along-Gang Credits

These are the original ending credits to "the Get-Along-Gang." They were supplied by Arthur Yee

Executive Producers Jean Chalopin Andy Heyward
Creative Supervisor Jean Chalopin
Assistant to Mr Chalopin Lori Crawford
Executive in charge of production Thierry P. Laurin
Supervising producer/director Cullen Blaine
Assistant to director Michelle Debbault
Production Assistant Scott Jeralds
Unit Director Don Spencer
Story Editor Alan Swayze
Written by Marc Scott Zicree Larry Parr Jack Olesker Pamela Hickey Dennis McCoy George Hampton Mike Moore George Atkins Bob Rosenfarb John Ludin Michael & Felicia Maliani

Voices Bettina Bush Timothy Gibbs Georgi Irene Nick Katt Robbie Lee Sherry Lynn Sparky Marcus Chuck McCann Scott Menville Don Messick Frank Welker
Storyboards Carl Fischer Scott Jeralds James Smith Ray Johnson Swinton Scott Kenny Thompkins

Layout supervisor Joel Seibel

Backgrounds Joe Pearson Bridget Bottorff Ted Blackman

Animation checking Myrna Bushman

Slugging/Timing The Animation Group

Traffic Coordinator Victor Villegas

Voice Recording B&B Sound Studios

Executive in charge of Production for Those Characters from Cleveland Ray Peterson

Based on the characters created For Those Characters
from Cleveland by Tony Byrd Ralph Shaffer Muriel
Fahrion Tom Jacobs Linda Edwards Mark Spangler

Music Shuki Levy Haim Saban

Post production Executive W.R. Kowalchuk Jr.

Animation City Editorial Services Inc.

Editorial supervisor Robert S. Birchard
Video supervisor Ric Eisman
Music Supervisor Marty Wereski
Reredcorded by Ryder Sound Services Inc
Effects editors Marc Orfanos Irwin Chadden
Music editor Tom Villano
Editorial Coordinator Alison Cobb
Sound engineer Michael cochran
Assistant editor Richard Brassaw
Post Production Scheduling Bennie Sehenuck
Format editor Jim Briley

Produced by DIC Audiovisual in association with Those Characters From Cleveland

(C) 1984 American Greetings Corporation.

Submitted by Arthur Yee, here are the beginning and ending credits to the Nelvana pilot.

Scholastic Productions and Those Characters From
Cleveland present:

"The Get Along Gang"

Animation produced by Nelvana
Executive Producers Jane Startz Ray Peterson
Producers Michael Hirsh Patrick Loubert Clive A.
Associate Producer Craig Virdon
Created by Tom Byrd Linda Edwards Muriel Fahrion
Tom Jacobs Ralph Shaffer Mark Spangler Clark Wiley
Songs Performed by John Sebastian
Written by Peter Sauder
Directed by Raymond Jafelice

Ending Credits:

Featuring the voices of
Charles Haid as Montgomery
Dave Thomas as Leland

Julie Cohen as Woolma
Gloria Figura as Portia
Mark Gordon as Officer Growler
Dan Hennessey as Catchum
Jim Henshaw as Zipper
Mara Hobel as Dottie
Marla Lufolsky as Bingo
Bruce Pirrie as the Race Announcer
Wayne Robson as Mr. Hoofnagel

Talent Coordinator Arlene Berman
Voice Director Rob Kirkpatrick
Get Along Gang theme song composed by Walt Woodward
Song arranged by John Meldrun
Score composed by Peter Jermyn
Supervising Producer Lenora Hume
Assistant Director Laura Shepard
Director of Animation Bill Speers
Supervising Editor Tom Joerin
Editors Rob Kirkpatrick Alison Clark
Production Managers Deidre Newman Laura Shepard
Production Assistants Barb Bjarnason Pamela Keary
Production Design Alan Bunce
Storyboard Raymond Jafelice
Layout Alan Bunce Sam Dixon Peter Hudecki Andrew
Knight Ralph Palmer Joseph Sherman

Willy Ashworth
Anne Marie Bardwell
David Brewster
John Laurence Collins
Scott Glynn
Gary Hurst
Larry Jacobs
Andrew Knight
Roy Meurini
Ralph Palmer
Wendy Perdue
Bill Perkins
J. Daniel Smith
Gord Stanfield
Cynthia Swift
Jodi Schuster
Peter Yamasaki

Assistant Animators:
Debra Collins Armstrong
Ross Campbell
John DeKlein
Drew Edwards
Tony Egizii
Graham Falk
Steve Fitch
Michelle Houston
Pat Knight
Ron Migliore
Beverly Newburg-Lehman
Ted Raun
Shawn Seles
David Smith

Special Effects and Graphics Kate Shepard Kim Cleary
Xerography Paul Hogarth Dave Temesy Steve Nixon
Backgrounds Peter Moehrle Julie Eberley Keith

Ink and Paint:
Glen Binmore
Mary Eklund
Jan Leitch
Liz Van Atter
Steve Ashton
Mary Anne Atell
Carol Barbour
Margarete Bartlet
Tim Townsend
Karyn Chadwick
Steve Chadwick
Yvonne Christiansen
Rick Corrigan
Leida Englar
Marlia Faber
Gary Grassi
Denis Gonzalez
Catann Gordon
Thomas Gravesiock
Mary Hawkins
Teresa Jackson
Des Joseph
David Kibuoka
Aggie Krummins
Lavinia Lyne
Karen Martino
Sheila McClusker
Hilary Phillips
Chris Rock (I believe it's not the comedian)
Marguerite Roi
Micheline Scannell
Peter Templeman
Doc Thomas
Donna Wilson

Quality Control:
Diana Lyle
Don Lauder
Cherri Hust
Brenda Kelly
Lisa Oglesby
Lilliane Andre
Rob Sadler

Camera Ready:
Regina Salman
Marie Carter
Graham Falk
Karen Kewell
Paul Teglas

Richard Pimm
Barb Sachs
David Altman

A Nelvana Production
A Scholastic Productions Presentation
In Association with Those Characters From Cleveland-
An American Greetings Company

(C) 1984 American Greetings

Distributed by Lexington Broadcasting Program Services

Video released by Karl-Lorimar