by Joseph “Gatorman” Kristoff

Originally posted: April 2-May 6, 2007


1) (*Montgomery, whose face is unseen, taps one of his boots on his podium, which consists of a wooden crate with several planks nailed to the top of it.*)

Montgomery: All right, Gang, settle down! (I oughta buy myself a gavel one of these days…) This meeting has come to order!

2) (*The interior of the Clubhouse Caboose, furnished. Dotty stands beside Montgomery to his left. The other ten members of the gang are seated in various positions on bean bag cushions, chairs, the floor, etc.*)

Montgomery: We, the Get Along Gang, are dedicated to promoting goodwill in Green Meadow. Does anyone have an activity we could organize?

3) (*Dotty looks slyly at Montgomery.*)

Dotty: This isn't going to be one of those pie fights, will it?

Montgomery (*trying to reassure Dotty*): It was a bake-off! I swear it! 


1) (*Caboose interior. The GAG are having a meeting. Bernice raises her hand. She is flanked by Flora on her left and Rocco on her right. Montgomery and Dotty remain at the platform.*)

Montgomery: What do you say, Bernice?

Bernice (*smiling*): How about we encourage others to keep this town litter-free?

2) (*Flora, Braker, and Bingo are seated from left to right, Flora's and Braker's hands raised*)

Flora: And plant flowers, perhaps? (*blushes a little*)

Braker: A tree could work.

Bingo (*in a dreamy state*): Yeeeeah! Spaghetti trees!

3) (*Montgomery closes his eyes and chuckles, both hands gripping the sides of the podium*)

Montgomery: (*giggle!*) Bingo, those trees were an elaborate hoax—some April Fool's joke on television. And speaking of which…

4) (*Montgomery, in the background, points to a can of tomato sauce with several uncooked spaghetti noodles sticking out of it. Flies are flying around it, hinting Bingo left it out longer than he should have*)

Montgomery (*a bit hostile*): Throw that spaghetti plant out! It's disgusting!

Bingo (*covering his nose and mouth with his left hand, in foreground*): Pfeh. Success isn't supposed to smell like this. 


1) (*Caboose interior. The GAG are having a meeting. Three-quarter back view of Bernice, flanked by Flora on her left and Rocco on her right. Montgomery and Dotty remain at the platform as Monty extends a palm at Bernice, commenting on her good idea*)

Montgomery: Bernice has something. We have seen a bit more litter around Green Meadow lately.

2) (*Zipper is sitting on a wooden crate by a window, his hand raised to answer Monty's question:*)

Montgomery (*off-panel*): Anyone know someone who doesn't dispose of trash the right way?…Zipper?

Zipper: Catchum and Leland!

Montgomery (*off-panel*): And why is that, Zip?

Zipper: Simple…

3) (*Zipper is seen looking outside the window, his palm pointing at what appears to be a trail of litter leading right to Gummyfoot Swamp while his other hand is holding his nose. Portia stands to the other side of the window, surprised*)

Zipper: …Just follow your nose!

Portia (*amazed*):


1) (*Outside. Montgomery, Zipper, Braker, Dotty, and Flora are following the trail of junk, allegedly left there by Catchum and Leland, into Gummyfoot Swamp. Flora wields a digital camera, prepared to shoot some evidence*)

2) (*The five are shocked to learn the trail of trash ends abruptly at the boundary into the swampland—and starts again from the other side. The swampland is clean, but the trail of litter continues from the other exit way!*)

Mo/Zi/Br/Do/Fl (*amazed*): !

Dotty: Well…this is a surprise!

3) (*Flora snaps a picture of their findings, while Zipper scratches his head in amazement and frustration, and a bemused Montgomery scratches his chin.*)

Zipper: When I get home I'm asking Mom for some crow to eat.

4) (*Montgomery walks into Gummyfoot Swamp, as the others look on.*)

Montgomery: I'm going to find out what's going on.

Zipper: Shall I send a doggy bag? 


1) (*Gummyfoot Swamp. Montgomery walks over to Catchum and Leland`s shack and knocks on the door.*)

2) (*Catchum opens the door, not very pleased to see him. Leland stands next to him*)

Catchum (*unenthusiastic*): What do YOU want?

Montgomery: Catchum…I've noticed your walkway is clean. What gives?

3) (*Catchum extends a palm to the clean walkway and two wooden crates doubling as recycling bins. Leland watches.*)

Catchum (*disgruntled*): Yeah, so? I saw a few trespassing creeps leave their trash around. What will people think when they look at a dirty swamp?

4) (*Montgomery`s palms are pointing at the trash outside the swamp. Leland looks on, standing between Monty and Catchum.*)

Montgomery: But why couldn't you pick up some of the trash outside our place?

Catchum: And want the others to know I'm helping YOU? Let's not go nutso! 


1) (*Gummyfoot Swamp. Catchum, arms folded and unhappy, is discussing recycling with Montgomery. Leland is standing beside Catchum, while Zipper, Dotty, Braker, and Flora stand beside Montgomery.*)

Catchum: Why do YOU care about my cleaning up your land? You don't help me!

2) (*Zipper's arms are folded. Dotty is standing beside him*)

Zipper (*flippantly, arms folded*): So? You're BEYOND help!—mmph!

Dotty (*covering Zipper`s big mouth, a bit angry*): Watch it, sunshine!

3) (*Catchum grins evilly. Montgomery is watching Catchum.*)

Catchum (*deviously*): Hmmmm. How about a contest, Montgomery? It's a race to pick up the most trash in twenty-four hours.

4) (*Montgomery feels a little uneasy. He turns to Flora as the others watch*)

Montgomery (*worried Bingo will want to place an outrageous bet on the table*): Flora, go see if Bingo's back in the Caboose.

Flora (*starting to rush back, equally worried*): Good idea! I'll find a straitjacket! 


1) (*Clubhouse Caboose. Bingo and Woolma are applying super glue to the heads of thumbtacks and applying them to long, thin wooden dowels. Portia is standing between both of them, watching curiously.*)

Portia (*smiling, right hand rubbing back of head*): Whatcha doing, Bingo?

Bingo (*applying the thumbtack*): We're making spikes for picking up trash, Portia.

2) (*Portia's right-hand index finger is rubbing across her lower lip, a gesture of interest. Bingo is holding the spike with his left hand*)

Portia: Ooooooooo. Show me how show me how!

Bingo (*chuckling*): Heh, heh. Okay, Portia, I will.

3) (*Bingo locates a used piece of paper and picks it up. Portia looks on, while Woolma applies pressure to the thumbtack on her spike to hold it in place while the glue dries. Rudyard has now entered and is standing next to Woolma, presumably to talk with her.*)

Bingo: Say someone leaves behind a piece of paper like this. (*lets the piece of paper fall.*)

4) (*The paper lands over Rudyard's tail. Bingo doesn't even notice as his eyes are on Portia.*)

Bingo: You pick it up by skewering it like so! (*skewers the piece of paper, and Rudyard's tail as well. Rudyard does a huge take: eye bulge, hair standing on end, etc. Woolma wonders why Rudyard is looking like that.*)

5) (*Just one large, written word on the panel.*)

Rudyard (*off-panel*): YEEEEEEEEOWCH!

6) (*Portia looks up and sees Rudyard (shown from the legs down) kicking his legs in a comical fashion—he crashed through the ceiling! In the background, Woolma is chasing Bingo in a rage. Flora can be seen peering inside the caboose, through the window.*)

Portia: (*giggle*) I love your new dance, Rudyard!

Rudyard: mrdl grx bnnuh ruh…(*unintelligible curses*) 


1) (*Gummyfoot Swamp, outside Catchum and Leland's shack. Montgomery, Catchum, Leland, Dotty, Braker and Zipper look on as Flora returns from the Caboose.*)

Montgomery (*arms folded on chest*): Well, Flora?

Flora: Well…Woolma's killing Bingo, and Rudyard's dancing on the ceiling.

2) (*Montgomery is bewildered by Flora's info. Flora just blushes.*)

Montgomery: o.O

3) (*Montgomery just moves on, looking at Catchum*)

Montgomery: Oooohkay. (*ahem*) Catchum, if we win, you have to tidy up around the clubhouse after school for three weeks.

Catchum (*nods*): Fair enough…

4) (*Montgomery turns to the other GAGgers present upon hearing the following words from Catchum*)

Catchum (*off-panel*): …But if WE win, you have to clean up after US for three weeks! Is it a deal?

Montgomery: Dotty, tell Rudyard to stop dancing and get the others... 


1) (*Clubhouse Caboose. Bingo is applying adhesive to the tip of Rudyard's tail, pierced as a result of Bingo's carelessness*)

Bingo: (*ashamed*) Rudyard, I'm sorry...I should have been more careful.

Rudyard: (*smirking*) Think nothing of it.

2) (*Rudyard closes his eyes, relaxing while Bingo works on the lion tail*)

Rudyard: You know, this isn't the first time that happened to me—I really should be careful with my tail. You ARE applying that medical bandage, right?

3) (*Bingo freezes and looks at what he is holding. It is duct tape and not medical adhesive! He gulps.*)

Bingo: Uhhhhh, this? I didn't quite see...

4) (*Dotty is about to head inside to summon the others over to Gummyfoot Swamp. Bingo is rushing out of the caboose. Rudyard, off-panel, is presumably giving chase.*)

Dotty: (*thinking Bingo has ESP*) Wh—how did you know...?

Bingo: (*fearful, running for his life*) IF I DON'T KNOW, IT ISN'T ILLEGAL! 


1) (*just outside Gummyfoot Swamp. Montgomery is addressing the rest of the Get Along Gang. Catchum is standing beside Montgomery, hands behind back*)

Montgomery: Gang, I called you here because Catchum wants to hold a contest.

2) (*Zipper rolls his eyes. Rocco is standing next to him, arms folded*)

Zipper: Oh no. I can see it now: Loser pays—except if THEY (*extends thumb at Catchum and Leland*) lose.

Rocco: (*displeased*) Then WE pay anyway!

3) (*Montgomery shakes his head, trying to reassure them*)

Montgomery: No, no. This is a race to pick up the most trash in 24 hours. If Catchum loses, he and Leland will tidy up the clubhouse for three weeks. Otherwise, it's the other way around.

4) (*Zipper does an eye bulge, shocked. Bernice is standing next to Zipper, hands on hips*)

Zipper: OHHHHH NO! I'm not going to be wearing an apron and holding a feather duster!

Bernice: Aww, you don't take requests, Mr. Mess Cat? (*winks and grins at the thought of Zipper being helpful*) 


1) (*just outside Gummyfoot Swamp. The gang are in a huddle as to what to do.*)

Montgomery: All right. Show of hands if anyone wants to take Catchum up on his offer.

2) (*several of them—Zipper, Dotty, Rudyard, and Rocco—look hesitant, but all hands are up anyway.*)

Montgomery: (*nods*)

3) (*Montgomery walks up to a smiling Catchum and faces him. Meanwhile, Leland is finishing up a lollypop on which he is sucking*)

Montgomery: You've got yourself a bet, Catchum. I wish you and Leland the best of luck. Anything else you'd like to say before we begin? (*extends hand, expecting a handshake*)

4) (*Leland, innocent as always, drops the lollypop stick onto Montgomery's hand*)

Could you please discard this for me, Montgomery? Our trash can is full.

Montgomery: Gee, thanks. -.- 


1) (*just outside Gummyfoot Swamp. Catchum and Leland are standing to one side, with Montgomery and Braker on the other side, in the panel.*)

Catchum (*sticking thumb out, pointing it at himself*): Just a moment. We're outnumbered, twelve to two. At least spot us some trash!

Montgomery: Well, I guess that's fair…but how much?

2) (*It is here that Braker takes out his calculator and gets to work. He proceeds into the walkway into Catchum and Leland's shack.*)

3) (*Braker punches in various numbers and functions on his calculator, tongue hanging to side.*)

Braker: Let's see: taking into effect area of trash trail, average mass, density of litter, and common statistics regarding waste…twenty-five pounds sounds good.

4) (*Catchum's arms are folded as Woolma stands next to him. Flora, in the background, rewards Braker with a kiss on the cheek, a heart appearing over her head. Braker can be seen blushing and grinning.*)

Catchum: Pfft. Showoff.

Woolma (*smirking*): Hey, so long as Braker has a fan base, that's good enough for us! 


1) (*A park. Catchum, Leland and the Get Along Gang are gathered together. Behind them are two Dumpsters standing atop large scales. The left scale is Catchum's and Leland's, signified by a twenty-five pound weight beside their Dumpster*)

Okay, everyone, good luck. I know all of us will fare well in helping to make Green Meadow a cleaner place.

2) (*Montgomery warns Catchum and Leland. Zipper and Dotty have looks of suspicion on their faces.*)

Montgomery: And I don't want either of you cheating.

3) (*Catchum and Leland stand next to each other. Catchum reacts, little-mister-innocent-style.*)

Catchum (*false outrage*): Montgomery! You must have a very low opinion of me! I wouldn't cheat in something as important as this!

4) (*Leland scratches his head, confused.*)

Leland: Funny…I thought you said that at the, um—mmmph!  

Catchum (*holding Leland's muzzle shut*): Hey, so I needed the eggs! Mother makes a mean omelet, you know. 


1) (Hoofnagel's Ice Cream Shop. Mr. Hoofnagel is wiping the countertop clean with a white linen as Officer Growler opens the door and enters.)

Officer Growler: Oh, hello, Mr. Hoofnagel.

Mr. Hoofnagel (a bit unhappy): Good afternoon, officer.

2) (Growler takes his seat.)

Hoofnagel: You know those kids are having another one of their contests again?

Growler: Well, it IS for a good cause.

3) (A used piece of paper falls to the floor. Portia swoops under the stool, out of the adults' view, and stabs the paper with a pointed stick to pick it up. She zooms out quickly. Neither adult's face is shown, just Officer Growler's upper legs on down)

Hoofnagel: I understand, but who knows what kind of mess those kids'll get into? They're out picking up litter, but where?

4) (Hoofnagel shrugs his shoulders while Growler drinks ice water from a glass Hoofnagel poured into)

Hoofnagel: The next 24 hours will be restless if they scour my place for every mistake I made!

Growler: (chuckles) Well, they have to be with their parents...and they have school and homework as well. Certainly you don't think THAT'S a nightmare!

5) (Hoofnagel turns his back again to scoop up some ice cream. Next time he looks, however...)

6) (Bingo is standing atop the counter, his hand atop a pile of napkins set there by Hoofnagel)

Bingo: Using these, Mr. Hoofnagel? (smiles innocently)

Hoofnagel: (sigh) RESTLESS, Mr. Growler.

Growler: (nod) Good point. 


1) (The streets of Green Meadow. Woolma sees someone throwing a carton of soggy french fries behind his back and missing the trash can completely.)

Woolma (thinking, grumbling): Litterbug!

2) (Woolma kneels down and hesitates to pick it up. She sweats a little, pondering if she should mess her hands just to win a bet over Catchum and Leland.)

Woolma: (whimper)

3-top) (Suddenly, a lightbulb appears over her head. She grins widely, knowing what she could do to protect herself.)

3-bottom) (Woolma rushes back home)

4) (A few minutes later. Woolma returns wearing rubber boots and gloves, and a mask over her nose and mouth. A displeased Dotty is there, arms folded. Meanwhile, in the background, Catchum is running off, holding the fries triumphantly)

Dotty: You missed the boat, Woolma.

Woolma: (blushing) Woopsie.


1) (A secluded, hilly area somewhere in Green Meadow. Montgomery and Bingo load a trash bag, placed atop a red wagon, with litter.)

2) (Zipper and Portia pull the wagon up the hill to the top.)

3-top) (What goes up must come down, however, as the wagon is now chasing Zipper and Portia!)

Zipper/Portia: AAAAAHHHHHH!

3-bottom) *SMASH*

4) (Zipper and Portia land in the Dumpster along with the trash bag. Zipper's lower legs and feet are hanging out the dumpster, while Portia sticks her arm out, finger pointing upward)

Zipper: Well, that's one way to git 'er done.

Portia: Trash rides are scary!


1) (A cinema. Rocco, Lolly (carrying a purse), and Bernice, popcorn boxes and sodas in hand, walk down the aisle and take their seats.)

Lolly: You'll love this film. Three out of four neat freaks agree!

Bernice: (satisfied) You sold me there!

2) (Rocco and Bernice lift their pant legs and each produce a mini-broom and brush. Lolly goes into her purse and takes out a third broom.)

3-top) (on-screen is a male wolf sweeping the floor clean with a broom.)

3-bottom) (the three children sweep the messy theatre floor with their brooms in synchronization with the wolf's sweeping)

4) (a male alligator, watching the film a few rows in front of the children, raises an eyeridge in interest. The children are barely seen in the background as they are kneeling down to clean.)

Alligator: (thinking) The quadrophonic sound of the broom is astounding! Too bad the rest of the film is a total bore... 


1) (The swimming hole. Braker, Flora and Rudyard, dressed in their swimsuits and scuba gear (masks, tanks, harnesses and fins), pick up trash at the floor of the swimming hole.)

Flora: (thinking) Since when did people have a right to dump their trash into our swimming hole? What a mess...

2) (Flora comes across netting at the floor. She tugs on it.)

Flora: (thinking) And what's this netting doing here? Is someone going for a fish kill?

3) (Flora shakes her head in disgust as she continues picking up litter with Braker and Rudyard and putting it into bags)

Flora: (thinking) (sigh...) I'd love to take some pictures of the ocean someday...but I don't want my photographs to be "all litter, all the time"! 


1) (The park. Leland is lugging a heavy bag of trash on his back, carrying it to his and Catchum's Dumpster. He is sweating from the weight of the garbage.)

2) (Leland, throwing the trash in there, looks up at Catchum, who is casually leaning back behind the Dumpster.)

Leland: (panting, sore) I don't understand why you didn't help me...

Catchum: Someone needs to be the brains of the outfit, you know! And brawn, too. You know, you could USE that.

3) (They hear a rustling noise coming from Gummyfoot Swamp.)

Catchum: (right index finger to lip) SSHH! Listen...

4) (They see one rat and one beagle in tattered jackets coming into their swampland, leaving litter behind. Could they be the litterbugs that left the trail of garbage?)

Catchum: (angry, shaking his fist at the trespassers) HEY! YOU! 


1) (The Dumpsters. Dusk. A downbeat Braker, Flora and Rudyard regroup with the others, fully dressed. Flora and Rudyard still have visibly wet fur, though.They toss their bags inside their Dumpster.)

Montgomery: All right. So far, we seem to be winning this bet!

Braker: (sigh) Montgomery, listen...

2) (Braker close-up, rather upset by what he saw in the water)

Braker: The three of us do not care about the bet anymore. We just want Green Meadow to be tidy. After seeing how much garbage was in the swimming hole, I think this place has a long way to go before it can be totally clean.

3) (suddenly, the litterbug rat and beagle land in Catchum's and Leland's Dumpster; how they got there remains a mystery...)


4) (But as to WHOM...Montgomery and the other GAGgers look on in awe as a frustrated Catchum walks past them, Leland following right behind him)

Catchum: (to Braker) Don't say we didn't help you! 


1) (Montgomery's House. Nighttime, when all the children are home. Dinner is being cooked. Montgomery smells the food cooking on one of the electric burners and gives an approving smile.)


2) (Montgomery's father comes in. He is in his early forties and looks somewhat like Montgomery, only with a wrinkle or two, extended, developed muzzle, and completely developed antlers. Montgomery Senior is dressed in a white dress shirt, blue-and-yellow-striped tie, blue jeans, and boots, bearing similarities to his son's wardrobe)

Montgomery Senior: (smiling contentedly) Ahhhhh, I see you like my cooking, son.

Montgomery: Sure do! What is it?

3) (Montgomery Sr. lifts the handle and stirs the pot. He tastes a piece of cubed beef in broth.)

Montgomery Sr.: Hungarian goulash...beef, potatoes, carrots and tomatoes in one tasty stew. You'll love it. I wish your brother would enjoy it, but he's too afraid to try new things.

4) (Montgomery Sr. sits at the dining table in the kitchen and reads a paper)

Montgomery Sr.: So, what did you do today, son?

Montgomery: (eager to tell) The gang and I took part in cleaning up Green Meadow!

5) (Monty Sr. raises an eyebrow and smiles in interest)

Montgomery Sr.: Mmmmmm, good, good! Always wonderful to keep the environment healthy. But son, could you do me a favor? Follow me.

Montgomery: Sure. (follows.)

6) (Montgomery's brother's room. Under the bed is a mess of old food, all the food Montgomery's brother said he would try, but didn't.)

Montgomery Sr.: (covering mouth) Help me get rid of that garbage, please?

Montgomery: (covering mouth) Only if you'll let me force-feed Arthur next time, Dad. 


1) (Lolly's house. Schneider, Lolly's father and owner of the renowned Schneider's Sweets candy factory in Green Meadow, is tinkering with various ingredients. In this room, the setup is akin to that of a scientist's laboratory, with various vials of cocoa, milk, flavorings, etc. Schneider is also a grey squirrel, wearing a lab coat over a white dress shirt and blue tie. At the moment he is carefully pouring cocoa powder into a concoction inside a beaker.)

Schneider: (thinking) They think I'm a $20-million-a-year, do-nothing blowhard...but I'll show them...I'll show them all...

2) (close-up of a dash of cocoa sprinkled out of the vial)

Schneider: (thinking) Now it can be told..."Schneider's Sweets does it again," the papers will say. No more waiting...

3) (close-up of Schneider, eyes bulging, maniacal grin across his face)

Schneider: (thinking) They think I'm mad...but they'll be run into the ground! I've done it! MY NEWEST CREATION! AHHHHHAHAHAHAHA!

4) (An unimpressed Lolly looks on behind him, arms folded. Schneider turns around and sees Lolly.)

Lolly: Congratulations, you have just made chocolate milk.

Schneider: (finger to lip) Shhh. Don't spoil my moment, darling! 


1) (Bingo's apartment. Here we get to meet the beaver's family. Bingo lives in a low-rent apartment headed by her mother, Andrea, in her late forties and left alone to take care of Bingo and two younger siblings: brother Charlie, age 8, and sister Kelly, age 6. Bingo shuts the door while her mother is preparing dinner for the others. Andrea is dressed in a light grey sweater, blue jeans and white sneakers. Bingo's younger siblings are playing with miniature cars.)

Bingo: (cheery) Hi, Mama!

Andrea: (smiles some as she stirs a pot) Oh, hello, Bingo. Did you have fun today?

2) (Bingo sets his backpack on the ground and sits on the couch.)

Bingo: Sure did! We recycled today!

Andrea: (contentedly) Good for you, sweetheart! Oh, and sweetie? (walks over to her purse)

3) (Andrea pulls out a $10 bill from her purse and hands it to Bingo.)

Andrea: On the way home from school tomorrow, stop by the store and pick up some juice for Charlie and Kelly, please? (kisses cheek)

Bingo: (unenthusiastic, eyes tilted to side) Yes, Mama.

4) (Andrea smiles, returns to cooking. Bingo gives a blank stare, knowing how this errand will affect the bet between the Gang and Catchum and Leland. Meanwhile, Charlie crashes his miniature car into that of Kelly's.)

Bingo: (thinking) Perhaps I should hope for a trash truck to overflow while I'm at it...

Charlie: Look out! BOOOOOOM!


1) (School. The next morning. One Ms. Deering, a deer (natch) dressed in a light, lavender dress, enters the classroom to find the children wield various spikes, butterfly nets, trash bags, et cetera. Ms. Deering blinks. There are thirteen children inside the class: Mo, Do, Z, Bi, W, Fl, Br, Ru, Ro, Be, Lo, Le, and C)

Children: Good morning, Ms. Deering!

2) (She takes her seat at her desk, which has various items resting on it: syllabus, test papers, computer, calendar, pencils, pens, and so forth. She remains bewildered at this spectacle. She makes an attempt to act as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened.)

Ms. Deering: (And yet, with her eyes darting, she can't make it go away) Good...morning, children. Open your books to page 65 as we go over the homework from last night...

3) (There is a shot of several students opening their books.)

Ms. Deering: As you know, we were discussing the dreaded Black Death, or "plague," which struck Europe in 1347. Could someone tell me why this happened? (Leland raises his hand.) ...Yes, Leland?

4) (Leland, in all sincerity and innocence, answers.)

Leland: Because the Europeans couldn't handle their trash like we can?

Ms. Deering: (eyes closed, hands massaging temples, thinking) You're 660 years too late, kiddo... 


1) (The school cafeteria. Montgomery has called an impromptu meeting. He is seated at one corner of the table while the other eleven look on...until Bingo, seated directly opposite Montgomery, raises his hand. Catchum and Leland, not in this scene, are presumably planning their next move somewhere else.)

Bingo: Good News?

Montgomery: Hmm?

Bingo: Bad news.

2) (Montgomery raises an eyebrow while others watch and eat.)

Bingo: Mama wants me to run an errand at the grocery store, so I may be late meeting up with you.

Montgomery: Awww...well, family first, Bingo. I just hope it isn't going to be long.

3) (Bingo chews on a tree branch and sips some water)

Bingo: Maybe half an hour...I hope you guys won't lose because of me.

4) (Rocco pats Bingo's back, reassuring him)

Rocco: It's cool, man. After all, it's just three weeks of wearing aprons and cleaning the house...

Bernice: (glaring at Rocco) What is with you animals and your fear of aprons?! 


1) (Outside the grocery store, after school. Bingo is about to carry home a twelve-pack of juice for his two younger siblings.)

2-top) (An adult male ferret carelessly tosses away a crumpled paper bag over his shoulder. Bingo picks it up.)

2-bottom) (He pins with his sneaker a plastic bag blowing in the wind)

3) (cue the light bulb. Bingo grins widely as he gets a wonderful idea. He rushes home to drop off the drinks, then:)

4) (Bingo is holding the plastic bag with both hands. He is going to ask bystanders for trash. Two elderly ladies, one dog and one wolf, look on.)

Bingo: (calling out enthusiastically) Place all your trash here, folks!

Dog: He's...panhandling for trash! He must be desperate!

Wolf: And with a smile on his face...what a trouper! 


1) (The Dumpsters. Bingo, at right, is lugging back two sacks of litter. Dotty, Zipper and Flora respond with amazement as Bingo tosses them into the bin)

Dotty: (jaw dropping) Bingo! How did you get all that trash?!

Bingo: (proudly, arms folded) I panhandled for it.

2) (Dotty, Flora and Zipper make expressions as if to say, "What on earth...?"

3-top) (a close up of the digital display of their scale, which indicates they have collected 96.9 pounds of trash...)

3-bottom) ( Catchum and Leland's 95 pounds)

Bingo: (off-panel) Never mind, Gang! Either way you look at it, that's two more bundles of litter for us! Do you know what this means?

4) (Catchum and Leland are shown, each one rushing to bring a bag of trash back to their dumpster)

Zipper: (off-panel): Yeah! We'll be saying to our friends we held onto the lead for ten big seconds! Let's get cracking, you guys...we have only thirty minutes left! 


1) (a sidewalk. Braker and Zipper are each carrying a large, white bag of litter behind their backs. They look at each other, smiling with confidence...)

Zipper: Race you to the trash bin?

Braker: You're on!

2) (They get into starting position as if ready to sprint.)

Zipper: One...two...three...

3) (The two of them get into a flying start. The lower halves of their bodies are shown from the left side, the bags of trash with them.)

Zipper: GO!

4-top) (The two of them are speeding up. Braker and Zipper and panting and perspiring from the racing.)

4-bottom) (Braker just thought of something. He turns to his friendly rival, Zipper, and asks him:)

Braker: Say, why are we speeding up?

Zipper: (shrugs shoulders) Dunno...

5) (They both skid to a stop, using the heels of their shoes to apply the brakes. They soon realize why they were speeding up...)

6) (In a long-shot view, Braker and Zipper look back and gasp, shocked and amazed to find two trails of litter behind them. Their white bags can be seen, torn from the back!) 


1) (the park. The entire Gang does what it does the best—getting along to help pick up the streak of litter Zipper and Braker inadvertently left behind. The twelve of them, in groups of two, pick up a portion of the litter and put them into smaller bags)

2) (A smiling Woolma puts her finger on a tied bag, holding it closed for Rudyard to finish the knot. A heart appears over Woolma's head.)

3) (The jubilant gang tosses the bags in without a care, smiles on their faces.)

4) (Meanwhile, Catchum is carrying another hefty bag up the hill towards their dumpster; he grunts and grumbles upon seeing the scene that's unfolding)

Catchum: (thinking) I wish *I* had my own set of handy helpers...speaking of which, where did Leland go?! 


1) (the park. Catchum frantically races to the Dumpster to toss in his bag before time expires. The Gang can only look on and hope.)

Catchum: (thinking, a look of worry on his face) Seconds left! Mayday! Mayday!

2-top) (Catchum makes a desperation throw towards the Dumpster.)

Catchum: (slow-motion-style): AAAHHHHHHHHHH!

2-bottom) (Braker, Rocco, and Rudyard watch suspensefully as the bag makes its landing)

Br/Ro/Ru: (*gasp!*)

3) (The shot makes a perfect landing into the Dumpster, giving Catchum the extra weight he needs! A horn sounds "HONNNNNNNK," signaling the end of the contest.)

4) (A proud Catchum, standing next to his dumpster, closes his eyes and grins widely, his right thumb pointing at himself. The Gang hang their heads in sorrow, although there is only enough room for Montgomery, Dotty and Bingo.)

Catchum: HA! I TOLD you I'd beat you! Three weeks of cleaning our shack, Get Along Goofs! 


1) (The park. Catchum's arms are on his hips, expressing impatience at Leland. He and his partner had won a bet over the Get Along Gang.)

Catchum: (calling out) LEEEEELAAAND! Get your scaly butt over here!

2) (To Catchum's horror, Leland hops out of Catchum's dumpster, holding a basketball under his right arm.)

3) (Leland presents the basketball to Montgomery and the Gang. Zipper and Dotty give evil grins to an off-panel Catchum, while Bernice and Montgomery look at Leland and smile.)

Leland: Somebody threw away a perfectly good basketball!

Montgomery: I don't know why someone would do that...

4) (Leland turns to Catchum. The crocodile is laying on his stomach, arms wrapped over his muzzle, bawling; turns out without Leland's weight, the bet is lost to the Get Along Gang. Leland smiles softly at his partner.)

Leland: Awwww, don't worry, Catchum. This ball will be okay...just needs to be washed, that's all!

Catchum: (wailing) WAANNNNNNNHHHH! 


1) (The park. Catchum is making an attempt to recover from finding out he lost a bet to the Get Along Gang. Catchum plays it cool.)

Leland: Catchum, what's wrong?

Catchum: (staying calm) Nothing, Leland. Nothing, except us losing our bet...

2) (Leland feels a little disappointed in this result, rather than enraged or cranky. The lizard, however, is more interested in his basketball rather than the bet.)

Leland: (presenting the basketball) I know, Catchum, but look! This is an autographed basketball! By the famed "Kookie" Webber, even! The Get Along Gang's sending an appraiser over—

3) (Catchum persists in attempting to get his point across to Leland.)

Catchum: (now starting to get ticked) Leland, we have to wear aprons for three weeks!

Leland: (indifferent) Yeah, so? I don't mind wearing one!

4) (Bernice quickly snatches Leland up and gives the lizard as tight a bear hug as possible. This bear couldn't possibly be more gleeful at this point.)

Bernice: (joyously smiling) At last—a lizard after my own heart!

Leland: (not enjoying being choked) Grrrk! Thanks! 


1) (The Clubhouse Caboose. Catchum and Leland are about to begin cleaning the Caboose after losing a bet with the gang. The Gang accompany the two of them inside, with Montgomery carrying an autographed basketball Leland found.)

2) (Catchum and Leland tie aprons on themselves. Flora watches, smiling and nodding.)

Flora: You know, to your credit, Catchum, you didn't cheat your way towards a victory!

Catchum: (smirking) Heh. Always there to please you. (aside) And in three weeks, you're on your own.

3) (Catchum and Leland are handed brooms and dustpans by Bernice)

Bernice: Now, remember, the appraiser is coming around soon, so please don't make a scene.

Catchum: (indifferent) Yeah, yeah.

4) (Catchum simmers a little at Leland.)

Catchum: You need a bath, Leland.

Leland: (tilts head) No, I don't, Catchum. I showered this morning.

Catchum: (steamed, threatening) When I toss you in the Dumpster again after this, you will! 


1) (The Clubhouse Caboose. The appraiser, a cheetah dressed in a brown business suit and carrying a suitcase, gives the basketball back to Leland, as Catchum, Montgomery, Dotty and Zipper look on.)

Appraiser: You will be pleased to learn this basketball has a value of about $5,000, good sir.

Leland: Gee! Thanks, sir!

2) (Dollar signs light up in a grinning Catchum's eyes.)

3) (Catchum wraps an arm around Leland. Now that Leland is holding on to at least $5,000, he makes an attempt to become palsy-walsy with him.)

Catchum: Leland...forget what I said about throwing you into the Dumpster, old pal. You know, you are a good friend to me...

4) (A duck enters the room. He is about twelve years old and is the actual owner of the basketball in question.)

Duck: Sorry to trouble you. I lost my genuine "Kookie" Webber basketball. May I have it back, please?

Leland: (hands the basketball to him, eager to help) Here you go!

(Catchum does a take, his eyes bulging out, reacting in sheer horror to the fact that $5,000 just slipped through!)


1) (The Clubhouse Caboose. The Gang gathers by a table to chat and to celebrate. They are all holding cups of punch in their hands. On the table is a punch bowl with ladle, and several other plastic cups.)

Montgomery: (cheery) You should all be proud of yourselves, everyone. We took out over two hundred pounds of litter!

Braker: (hand rubbing back of head) Yeah...well...

2) (Dotty raises an eyebrow, wondering why Braker isn't smiling)

Dotty: What's up, Braker?

Braker: Well, we barely won the bet, even when we outnumbered Catchum and Leland, twelve to two. It surprises me they had the drive to clean up the town!

3) (Catchum and Leland are almost done cleaning the floor. Upon hearing this, Catchum grows a bit angry.)

Catchum: Heeeey! You're RIGHT! Well, then, where's our reward?

Dotty: Wait a minute. It isn't a matter of the most trash per person!

4) (Dotty turns to Lolly, who is already reaching in her inside jacket pocket for something.)

Dotty: (sigh) I think you'd better give them their reward, Lolly.

Lolly: (grinning) I'm on it.

5) (Catchum continues on as Leland watches him. Leland has taken off his apron and sets it down on the floor, as the place is now clean.)

Catchum: I won't rest until I get my—MMPH! (Lolly rams a lollypop into Catchum's maw)

6) (Montgomery, Dotty, and Lolly watch as Catchum's mood shifts from belligerent to blissful with one lollypop. Meanwhile, Leland is licking his lollypop while Bernice offers him a cup of punch, which he accepts.)

Catchum: (grinning blissfully) mrrrrrrwrrrr.

Montgomery: Keeping Green Meadow clean—another task accomplished thanks to the Get Along Gang!

Leland: (smirk) Don't forget us!

Montgomery: (grinning) Okay, we won't!