by Joseph “Gatorman” Kristoff

Originally posted: June 18-July 15, 2007


1) (Bingo's bedroom, late at night. Bingo is currently under the covers, asleep, dreaming...)

Bingo: (talking in his sleep) Zzzzzzz...come on, Gang, trust me on this...I'll ACE that test tomorrow...

2) (A dream balloon appears over Bingo's head. Montgomery, Zipper, and Dotty are seen in the balloon with Bingo, laughing off his bet.)

Bingo: (talking in his sleep) Zzzzz. Oh yeah? Well, I'll show you... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzhhh...

3) (The dream balloon now shows Bingo standing tall, waving his test in the air. Lolly is now in the balloon, kissing Bingo on the cheek as a gesture of congratulation, while Montgomery, Zipper and Dotty kowtow to him.)

Bingo: (talking in his sleep, smirking) Ha-haaaaa! Zzzzzz. Got a hundred percent.... Zzzzzzz... Bow down before King Bingo...

4) (Bingo's dream comes to an abrupt end as his eight-year-old brother, Charlie, hops onto Bingo's bed. He is wearing a plastic king's crown and sword. Charlie points the tip of the sword at Bingo's nose.)

Charlie: Bow down before King Charlie, village idiot!

Bingo: (groggy) Mrrf...How'd you like to bow down to ye olde whipping post? 


1) (Along the streets of Green Meadow. Montgomery and Dotty catch up with Bingo as all of them walk to school. Bingo is grumbling; his younger brother woke him up as he was dreaming.)

Bingo: (just looks at them, grumbling)

Montgomery: Hmm?

2) (Montgomery and Dotty look confused. Dotty asks Bingo a question.)

Dotty: Bingo, what's the matter? I've never seen you so upset before.

Bingo: (sigh) Sorry, you two. Charlie woke me up from this dream I had. It was really good.

3) (Montgomery and Dotty raise their eyebrows in curiosity.)

Montgomery: What sort of dream, Bingo?

Bingo: Well, I dreamed I scored 100% on my final exam.

4) (Dotty and Montgomery smirk upon hearing the details.)

Dotty: (tries to stifle a laugh) (*snrrrk!*)

Bingo: (irate) HEY!

Montgomery: Hehe. Sorry, Bingo. It's just that we're glad your brother brought you back down to reality!

Bingo: (growls lowly) 


1) (In school. Bingo is cleaning out his locker while Zipper and Portia look on. Bingo is still grumbling.)

Zipper: Say, Bingo, what's the matter with you? You've been acting real hostile lately.

Bingo: friends don't have faith in me, Zipper. And by "friends" I mean Montgomery and Dotty. They think I won't get a perfect score on the exam!

2) (Zipper shrugs. Portia drinks from a nearby water fountain.)

Zipper: Don't worry, Bingo. Maybe they're right. It's hard to answer everything correctly. Heck, even I don't think I can do it!

3) (Bingo closes his locker. Zipper walks up to him.)

Zipper: But I hope you do get a perfect grade. If you can, why...why, I'll buy you some ice cream at Hoofnagel's!

Bingo: Ooh, an incentive! You got it!

4) (Bingo and Zipper turn to Portia, who skips off to her third-grade class)

Bingo: If only we were in Portia's class...things would be so easy.

Zipper: You said that LAST year, Bingo. And the year before that, and the year before that...

Portia: (giggles) Byebye, you two! 


1) (In class. The entire Get Along Gang (bar Portia), Catchum and Leland are seated at their desks, concentrating on their tests. Bingo is scratching his head, trying to think of the correct answer to a problem.)

Bingo: Hmmmmmm.

2) (A balloon appears on Bingo's head. Inside it is a smaller version of himself. He looks down at Bingo, arms folded.)

Bingo's Brain: Don't worry, Bingo. I'm here to help you. I'll give you the help you need to ace this test!

Bingo: (thinking) But you can't help me! I can't use outside help...that's cheating!

3) (Bingo's Brain is a bit annoyed.)

Bingo's Brain: But Bingo, I'm your BRAIN!

Bingo: (thinking) But if you're my brain, why are you shaped exactly like me?

Bingo's Brain: Just shut up and write what I tell you to write.

4) (Bingo's Brain looks at the exam paper and reads off the answers. Bingo writes them on the paper.)

Bingo's Brain: 1865...The Articles of Confederation...William Howard Taft...

Bingo: (thinking) The only valid form of cheating...using your brain! Heehee!

Bingo's Brain: Shut up. The Great Society...South Carolina... 


1) (Later that day in class. Mrs. Deering hands the graded exam papers back to the students. Bingo is crossing his fingers, hoping he did well.)

Mrs. Deering: Lolly, here you 85, very good. Flora, same for you...

Bingo: (whispering to himself) Please babybabybabybaby...

2) (Bingo's eyes slam shut as Mrs. Deering comes closer to him.)

Mrs. Deering: (off-panel) You've got that upside-down, Catchum. That's a 66, not a 99.

Catchum: (off-panel) Aww, RATS!

3-top) (Mrs. Deering hands Bingo the exam. Bingo's eyes open as he takes a look at his score.)

Mrs. Deering: (cheerfully) And Bingo—well done! An A-plus!

3-bottom) (Bingo jumps for joy!)

4) (Rocco and Rudyard peer from their desks and take a look at Bingo, who has landed on his head. He is dazed, yet a blissful look remains on his face. His exam paper is clutched in his right hand.)

Rudyard: (worried) Oh, dear me. Whatever should we do?

Rocco: I ain't disturbing him. He's reached nirvana, for cryin' out loud. 


1) (The streets of Green Meadow. Bingo is walking to the Clubhouse Caboose with Montgomery and Dotty. Bingo is all over his two friends, grinning widely and walking circles around them both. Dotty does not look happy.)

Bingo: (to Dotty, waving exam paper in hand) SEEEEEEE?

2) (Bingo gets in Montgomery's face, waving the exam paper.)

Bingo: SEEEEEEE, smart moose?

3) (Montgomery grabs Bingo's arm, stopping him.)

Montgomery: Okay, okay, Bingo, we're sorry we doubted you, and we congratulate you on a job well done. Just, please...don't rub it in our faces, will you?

4) (Bingo nods, and resumes walking with them to the clubhouse.)

Bingo: (proudly) Sure. But I've got it, you two. I've got ESP!

Montgomery/Dotty: (surprised, pointing at Bingo) YOU?!


1) (Outside the Clubhouse Caboose. Bingo is proud of his perfect exam grade, while Montgomery and Dotty think the idea of Bingo having ESP is ridiculous.)

Montgomery: (pointing at Bingo) YOU have ESP, Bingo?

Dotty: HA! I don't believe it.

Bingo: Well, believe it! I do!

2) (Montgomery advances on Bingo, finger waving.)

Montgomery: Let me remind you of all those bets you made. You even bet me all your marbles that the Generals would beat the Harlem Globetrotters!

3) (Montgomery's arms are folded.)

Montgomery: If you have ESP, why weren't you able to predict a win?

Bingo: Don't be silly, Good that time I didn't know I had it!

4) (Dotty pulls out a notepad and writes a number down. She is seen writing the number 6 on the pad and concealing it, placing the notepad to her chest.)

Dotty: All right, we'll just see. What number did I write down on the pad?

Bingo: Six?

5) (Dotty does a take. She shows Montgomery the number, followed by Bingo. Montgomery immediately dismisses it.)

Montgomery: Ha. Lucky guess.

Bingo: Are you hungry for a slice of cake, Montgomery?

6) (Montgomery gasps...he is indeed hungry, and he did have cake in mind...)

Montgomery: Yes...yes, Bingo. But how...?

Rocco: (dashing past the others) GANGWAY! I smell cake!

Bernice: (peering out clubhouse door) Mmmmm, did someone mention this aromatic, delicious cake?

Dotty: Whew...I was worried Bingo really DID read your mind, Montgomery! 


1) (Catchum and Leland are hiding behind a tree, overhearing what Bingo is saying to Montgomery and Dotty about his claim to have ESP. Catchum smirks.)

Catchum: So, Bingo can read minds, can he? Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Leland?

Leland: Why, no, Catchum...

2) (Catchum stares Leland down a little.)

Catchum: Can you even think at all?

Leland: (peeved) What kind of crack is that?

Catchum: Shut up and listen. I have a plan.

3) (Catchum bends down and whispers into Leland's earhole.)

Catchum: We'll trick Bingo into giving us something. You know how he's a sucker for betting.

Leland: (trill giggles)

4) (Catchum and Leland grin widely as they think of their future reward.)

Catchum: So what would you like, Leland?

Leland: A big bag of suckers!

Catchum: Wake up, Leland, we aren't going after Lolly here! 


1) (the Clubhouse Caboose. All twelve members are gathered together, seated on bean bag chairs, the wooden floor, etc., to share stories while they eat cake from paper plates.)

Braker: Remember the time we had an assembly, and we had to sit through a troupe of five breakdancers patronizing us, urging us not to smoke?

Lolly: Ahhhhh, yes, that I remember.

Dotty: Yep!

2) (Braker takes off his glasses and wipes the lenses clean with a napkin.)

Braker: Well, I already knew about the dangers of smoking long before, because my daddy told me, and because he did not dumb it down!

Lolly: (nodding in agreement) We are not stupid, you know. The best teachers are our parents. They shape us, not a bunch of kids playing hokey.

3) (Bernice jumps into the conversation. Flora is seated to her left.)

Bernice: (grinning) Ever see a man get sick from smoking too much?

Flora: (shuddering) Ohhhh, Bernice,'ll give me nightmares!

4) (Bernice turns to Braker and Lolly, a huge smirk on her face. Bingo is sitting to the right of Bernice.)

Bernice: See? That's EQUALLY effective!

Bingo: (jumps in) Uhh, guys, did you know I have ESP?

Lolly: (sweetly) Bingo, my friend, what did I tell you about us being stupid? 


1) (the streets of Green Meadow. Bingo is walking home, grumbling, when he comes across Catchum and Leland, waiting for Bingo.)

Catchum: (evil grin) Ohhhhhhh, Bin-go...

Bingo: (thinking) Danger...danger...must retreat... (speaking) What do YOU want?

2) (Catchum places a hand on Bingo's shoulder.)

Catchum: I've noticed you can read minds. You certainly made quick work of Montgomery and Dotty over there.

Bingo: (blushes) Awww, thanks.

3) (Catchum smiles and nods.)

Catchum: Listen, how would you like to put your mindreading to the test? Saaaaaaaay, you bet something and you win something from us? Putting up the Caboose, for instance?

Bingo: Are you kidding? They'd tan my hide if they found out I'm risking the Caboose! By the way...can my fur get any darker if they DID tan it?

4-top) (Catchum and Leland ponder. Bingo uses this opportunity to run home.)

Catchum: Hrmm.

4-bottom) (later that night, when no-one is on the streets...)

Leland: Uhhh, Catchum, I think Bingo's gone.

Catchum: Shut up and think...I wanna learn something!  


1) (Montgomery's house. Montgomery and Zipper are sitting on the living room sofa, playing video games; each of them has a controller in his hand. Zipper ponders while he plays.)

Zipper: I've been thinking, Montgomery.

Montgomery: Really? About whom?

2) (Zipper pauses the game and sets down his controller.)

Zipper: Bingo claims to have a sixth sense, right? Well, why don't we take advantage of that fact?

Montgomery: I don't get it, Zipper. What do you suggest we do with him?

3) (Zipper wraps an arm around Montgomery and grins widely.)

Zipper: Well...if Bingo wants to bet on his ability, we'll let him. We'll make it very easy on him with some easy games of chance. Then when Bingo wants to go double-or-nothing...WHAM!

4) (Montgomery turns to Zipper.)

Montgomery: But...what if Bingo WINS the double-or-nothing bet?

Zipper: Then it was nice having all my favorite things for a few years! 


1) (Montgomery's house. Montgomery and Zipper think of a way to convince Bingo he does NOT have extra-sensory perception. Montgomery frowns upon the possibility they could lose some of their things.)

Montgomery: Just a minute, Zipper. How do you KNOW Bingo will want to go all the way?

Zipper: Hey, he's a compulsive gambler. He doesn't know when he's licked.

2) (Montgomery lays back in the sofa.)

Montgomery: Fair enough. Question two: What if Bingo wants to stop before we hit him with the big bet?

Zipper: As I said before, he's compulsive. He wouldn't stop if he senses another bet is coming.

3) (Montgomery nods.)

Zipper: But if he DOES stop, we'll tell him why we did it and convince him to give us back our belongings.

4) (Montgomery turns and looks at Zipper.)

Montgomery: But it's the first bet Bingo would ever win. We should give him something...but what would it be?

Zipper: (scoff!) Come on, Montgomery, even I don't know the answer to everything! 


1) (The Clubhouse Caboose. The next day, Montgomery, Zipper and Dotty sit down at a table. Montgomery rubs his chin, while Dotty drums her fingers on the table. They are all thinking.)

Zipper: So, what game will Bingo play?

Montgomery: I'm thinking the ol' shell game.

Dotty: Hmmmmm.

2) (Dotty gets two paper cups and a marble, and sits back down.)

Dotty: We could start slow—like have him choose between two cups. Then we'll move up to three, then to four. Then for the final one...

Zipper: Sixteen cups, and we don't even tell him where the marble is before we shuffle them around!

3) (Dotty giggles.)

Dotty: Yeah, that should teach Bingo a lesson!

Zipper: We're doing this for prove once and for all he can't read minds.

4) (Zipper and Montgomery laugh.)

Dotty: No way we'll have our tails between our legs!

Zipper: You two have tails? o.o 


1) (The Clubhouse Caboose, the next day. Everyone is redecorating the Caboose to make it resemble a casino. Bernice is hanging up a red curtain to cover up the windows. Lolly puts together a makeshift roulette wheel and board. Meanwhile, Zipper and Woolma are putting together a stage show for Hocus and Pocus to perform.)

Hocus: It's about time. It's been awhile since we've been booked for SOMETHING!

Flora: (puzzled) You mean, you went to jail?

Pocus: Nawwww!

2) (Dotty raises an eyebrow. She just thought of something.)

Dotty: Say! Know what this reminds me of?

(She sits down at a piano and starts playing Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer.")

3) (The colorful world of Green Meadow has seen replaced by a sepiatone setting, as if the viewer is watching the 1973 movie The Sting. Bingo, dressed in a fancy suit and Panama hat, is walking down the grassy hill to the Clubhouse Caboose, reading a piece of paper in his hand.)

Bingo: "Dear Mr. Bryson: Please come over to the Caboose Casino today at 5 p.m. There's a pretty good chance we will hook you up with plenty of cash. The password's been written down at the bottom of the letter. Sincerely, "Money" Lowe, proprietor."

4) (Bingo pumps his fist in excitement as he approaches the entrance to the Caboose.)

Bingo: Big bucks, here I come!

5) (Meanwhile, a red panda in a suit is turned away by Rocco. Rocco's face can be seen looking out a window.)

Rocco: Beat it, you mug. No password, no entrance!

6) (Back to present-day view. Rocco turns to the others, frustrated.)

Rocco: How many times must I tell him? This isn't a real casino!

Zipper: (rolling eyes) There's one in EVERY city! 


1) (The Clubhouse Caboose, 1930s-style. A zoot-suited Bingo walks up to the Caboose door and knocks. A muscle-shirted Rocco and his similarly-dressed partner, Rudyard, sees Bingo from the window.)

Rocco: Password!

Bingo: (reading from a letter held in his hand) "Open the door, you sissies."

2) (The door opens, and Rocco yanks Bingo inside.)


3) (Rocco and Rudyard grab on to one arm each. Montgomery, a.k.a. "Money," dressed snappily in a tuxedo, approaches.)

Montgomery: Rocco! Rudyard! Let go of him. I've been expecting him.

Rocco/Rudyard: Yes, Money!

4) (Bingo looks at Montgomery while brushing himself off.)

Bingo: Nngh...Money, couldn't you have given me a better password?

Montgomery: Sorry, Bingo, my friend. It was their idea. But when you're about to strike it's a case of "no pain, no gain"!


1) (the "Caboose Casino," 1930s-style. Zoot-suited Bingo and tuxedo-clad Montgomery (a.k.a. "Money") walk around the place. In the background of this panel, Braker and Zipper, seated at a table, are watching Flora sing a jazzy number performed by Dotty, Bernice, and a few other girls.)

Montgomery: I'd like you to meet someone, Bingo. Not only is she a good friend of mine, she's also the owner of this joint.

Bingo: (ears perking at the mention of a female) Oh? A "she"?

2) ("She," in this case, is Lolly, dressed as fancily as Montgomery. She is licking a lollypop as Montgomery introduces her to Bingo. Bingo is in love already.)

Montgomery: (introducing Lolly) Bingo, this is Kentucky Keane, the famed casino owner. Tuck, this is Bingo "Brain Trust" Bryson, our guest. He claims to read minds!

Lolly: (extending a gloved hand out to him) Evening, sucker!

3) (a more-than-nervous Bingo shakes her hand. Montgomery whispers between his teeth to Lolly.)

Bingo: Wh-why, he-he-hel-hello, mmm-m-m-mm-m...

Montgomery: (whispering) Careful, Tuck. We don't want him to turn away. We get only one chance to execute this.

Lolly: (whispering) Sorry, Money.

4) (Montgomery's arms are folded, smiling. Lolly takes Bingo by the arm and leads him somewhere else.)

Montgomery: Tuck, make him feel at home with some complimentary treats, will you?

Lolly: (to Bingo) You like lollies, you big hunk?

Bingo: (dumb, spacey grin, still incapacitated by love) L-ll-l-ll-l-llll... 


1) (The Clubhouse Caboose, 1930s-style. It is now a casino/nightclub, and Bingo has been invited inside by Montgomery. Upon meeting Lolly, a.k.a. "Kentucky" Keane, he falls in love. Both of them are seated at a table near the stage. Onstage are Hocus and Pocus putting on a magic show. Woolma, dressed as a waitress, is taking someone's order.)

Lolly: So this is it. Today you could be walking out of here with millions.

Bingo: (still very nervous) Mmmmm.

2) (Lolly looks into Bingo's eyes.)

Lolly: me Tuck. (winks, then resumes licking her lollypop)

Bingo: Miss Tuck...if I win, will you...will you...

3) (Lolly raises an eyebrow, anticipating the possibility of marriage.)

Lolly: Marry you? Hmmm. This is all so sudden, Mr. Bryson. I mean, couldn't you let it wait until a few years have passed? I'm only ten.

4) (Lolly rubs Bingo's head and giggles. Bingo grins widely. Montgomery approaches.)

Lolly: But, I do love someone who has all their priorities in order. I'll get back to you on that.

Montgomery: Bingo? It's time.

Bingo: Okay. (takes a deep breath) Coming. 


1) (The Clubhouse Caboose, 1930s-style. Bingo is about to bet it all for a chance at riches, and he's going to use what he believes is ESP to do it. Montgomery is holding a white ball in his hand, which he is about to place under one of three cups. Bingo, meanwhile, puts up a bag of marbles against the money. Everyone else gathers around.)

Montgomery: Okay, Bingo, it's easy. All you have to do is watch the ball. Just take it easy.

2) (Montgomery is moving the cups around. Bingo is watching the cup with the ball.)

3) (Bingo points to the middle cup, which Montgomery lifts to reveal the white ball underneath.)

Montgomery: Very good, Bingo. You've won.

Bingo: I WON! I WON!

4) (Bingo is jumping up and down, thinking he won the grand prize from Montgomery. Montgomery walks up to Bingo and taps him on the shoulder.)

Montgomery: Hold it, Bingo.

Bingo: Wait a minute. Didn't I win the millions?

Montgomery: Who said anything about money? We've only just started! 


1) (The "Clubhouse Casino," à la The Sting. Bingo plays and wins another shell game, picking out the ball from five cups. Montgomery and Lolly, proprietor and owner, respectively, look at each other in amazement.)

Lolly: Amazing. His eyes are in good shape.

Montgomery: Yeah, but we're not here to test his eyes. We're here to test his brain.

2) (Montgomery walks up to Bingo and shakes his hand.)

Montgomery: Congratulations, Bingo. I didn't know you had a keen sense of eyesight. You must really want that money!

Bingo: I should. Those are all my marbles in that bag!

Montgomery: (nods) Well, to win them back, plus a hefty sum...there is one last challenge.

3) (Montgomery takes Bingo's hand and takes him to the final challenge.)

Bingo: (grinning) What is it? Do I get to judge a beauty contest? Or maybe you're just joshing me...there really is no challenge!

4) (Woolma, the waitress, is rolling into the clubhouse a cart with twenty-five glasses full of tomato juice, arranged in five rows of five glasses each.)

Woolma: (smiling) Tomato juice!

Bingo: Ha! Tomato juice! Is that all?

Montgomery: It is, but it's not that easy.

Bingo: Huh? 


1) (The Clubhouse Caboose, 1930s-style. Tuxedo-clad Montgomery, a.k.a. "Money," explains this final game of chance to Bingo.)

Montgomery: Twenty-five glasses of tomato juice are on that tray. Only one of them is drinkable.

Bingo: "Money"! You're not...POISONING me, are you?

2) (Montgomery scoffs. He reaches into his jacket pocket for something.)

Montgomery: Poison? Heh! Silly boy. Not quite. The other twenty-four glasses have been spiked with...

3) (Montgomery presents Bingo a bottle of...)

Bingo: HOT SAUCE?!

Montgomery: Hot sauce, Bingo. You choose correctly, you're in the dough. Otherwise, you'll run around comically with a burning tongue while we all laugh at you. And oh yes, you lose your marbles. Now, CHOOSE!

4) (Bingo starts shaking, as well as biting his nails. He is nervous about choosing the wrong glass. Bingo's Brain makes a return appearance.)

Bingo's Brain: (to Bingo) You've lost your marbles already, dumdum...and I mean the ones in your head! 


1) (The Clubhouse Caboose, 1930s-style. As Bingo is making his decision, Rocco and Rudyard and watching him. Rocco shakes his head, arms folded.)

Rocco: I hope he DOES burn his mouth out.

Rudyard: What makes you say that, Rocco?

Rocco: Think of it, partner...

2) (Rocco puts a hand on Rudyard's shoulder as he explains the situation to him.)

Rocco: If that dope wins, our boss will pay him lots of money. And WE'RE on the payroll, remember? If he gets paid, it's likely he'll have to cut costs in the future.

Rudyard: I never thought of it like that. So what do we do now?

3) (Rocco points at the wine glasses full of tomato juice.)

Rocco: We each rush in and take a wine glass. Who knows! If we're lucky, our jobs may be saved.

Rudyard: But what if YOU get the clean glass and I get the one with the hot sauce?

Rocco: Then you're the bravest lion of all, Rudyard.

4) (Rocco and Rudyard rush in. They each take a glass of tomato juice and down it.)

5) (Soon, the two of them find themselves shooting flames from their ears and from their mouths.)

6) (Meanwhile, back in the present era, Catchum and Leland, inside their shack in Gummyfoot Swamp, see Rocco and Rudyard leaping into the swimming hole, clothes still on. They scratch their heads.)

Leland: They're going swimming with their CLOTHES on?

Catchum: Huh! I always thought those Get Along Goofs were goody-goody, but I never knew they were crazy as well!  


1) (The Clubhouse Caboose, 1930s-style. Bingo is getting very nervous as he chooses from the remaining 23 wine glasses (25, before Rudyard and Rocco made a failed attempt at sabotaging the bet.)

2) (A closeup of Bingo's eyes and forehead. He starts to sweat.)

Bingo: (whimper!)

3) (Then, Bingo falls to his knees and puts his head in his hands, wailing, as Montgomery and Lolly, playing a casino proprietor and owner, respectively, look on. They turn to each other and wink.)

Bingo: WAAAAAAHHHH! I can't do it! I'm not a mindreader.

4) (Bingo continues to confess all.)

Bingo: Go can have my marbles for all I care! I've learned my lesson.

Lolly: No, we can't do that. A lobotomy's too expensive. But if you mean the "aggie-and-cat's-eye" type, we can do that! 


1) (The Clubhouse Caboose, 1930s-style. Bingo is on his knees, admitting in front of Montgomery, Lolly and the others that he does not have a sixth sense after all.)

Bingo: I just want to forget this whole thing ever happened.

Lolly: Bingo, was just a coincidence. We dream good things will happen to us all the time, and just because they come true—that doesn't mean you can foretell what will happen!

2) (Lolly places her hands on Bingo's cheeks and looks into his eyes, smiling.)

Lolly: If I were to give you a kiss, will you promise never to bring up the matter of ESP again? (she kisses him.)

3) (Suddenly, we revert to the present day, with the Get Along Gang in normal dress. Lolly's lips remain pressed against Bingo's.)

4) (Lolly pulls away. Bingo grins widely at Lolly. Lolly and Montgomery smile back.)

Bingo: Absolutely, Lolly...but only if you promise me you'll never own a casino.

Lolly: (*laughs*) Sure, Bingo. If I'm going to take risks, it's going to be in Daddy's candy lab! It went "BOOM" three times last week! 


1) (The Clubhouse Caboose. Bingo stretches his arms after a tiring day. Montgomery, Lolly, and the others look on.)

Bingo: Phew. I'm tired. I need a drink. (his hand reaches for one of the glasses of tomato juice.)

2-top) (Bingo downs the glass of juice.)

2-bottom) (Bingo smacks his lips.)

3) (Bingo turns to Montgomery, Dotty, Lolly, and Zipper, amazed at what they saw. Bingo chose the right glass.)

4) (Same scene as before.)

Bingo: What're you all lookin' at me like that for?

Montgomery: You know, Bingo, I'm not sure now...

Dotty: What say we forget this happened?

Zipper: (trying to change the subject) Say, did I ever tell you who I saw on TV this morning? 


1) (Outside the Clubhouse Caboose. Bingo and Lolly have their arms wrapped around each other's shoulders. Bingo turns to Lolly, surprised at something he was told.)

Bingo: So I was LUCKY?!

Lolly: Yes, Bingo. I am just as amazed as YOU are.

2) (Bingo giggles as Lolly smiles.)

Bingo: Well, at least I'm glad it's over. I've learned my lesson, believe me. No more crazy bets.

Lolly: (smirking) Mmmm. Are you quite sure about that, Bingo?

3) (Bingo scratches his head.)

Bingo: Well...uhmmm...(hemming and hawing) uhhhh...shall I get back to you on that?

Lolly: (giggles)

4) (Just then, Rocco and Rudyard rush in, excited. Their clothes are drenched from their leap into the swimming hole.)

Rudyard: Come on in! The water's refreshing!

Rocco: It makes your clothes itch, but don't let THAT stop ya! 


1) (At the swimming hole. Various members of the Get Along Gang, dressed in their swimsuits, swim and splash around. Woolma is floating on a wooden raft, while Montgomery and Dotty race against each other by swimming to the other end. Bingo is talking with Flora.)

Bingo: Well, our summer vacation's just gotten just a few months, almost every one of us will be in the fifth grade!

Flora: You know what I'm going to do...take more pictures!

2) (Bingo giggles at Flora's statement. Meanwhile, two shark fins surface from under the surface. Woolma reacts, working as fast as possible to swim back.)

Flora: Why, the rate I'm going, Green Meadow'd probably have to build an archive in my honor!

Bingo: I'll have to take a look sometime. You know, Flora...did you think for a moment I could read minds?

3) (The shark fins approach the beaver and fox. Bingo gasps.)

Flora: Of course not. I may not be the smartest bulb in the bunch, but I'm no fool, Bingo.

4) (Flora pulls the shark fins away. Catchum and Leland surface; they are wearing dive masks along with their swimsuits. Flora smirks. Bingo breathes a sigh of relief.)

Flora: Heh. Nice try, you two.

Catchum: (grumbling) Crazy fox...

Leland: (groan!)  


1) (The swimming hole. Bingo gets out of the water and reaches for a towel. Montgomery, Lolly, Rudyard and Rocco are watching him leave.)

Montgomery: Awww, you're going?

Bingo: I'm afraid so. I need a nice, long rest after all you put me through.

2) (Lolly and the others giggle. Bingo puts his overalls back on.)

Lolly: (giggle!) Well, you forced us to do it, Bingo! Somebody had to stop you from making a fool of yourself.

Bingo: Hehe. Such a silly squirrel.

3) (Bingo ties his sneaker laces.)

Bingo: Well, you take care of yourselves, Gang. See you around!

Lolly: Bye, Bingo!

Bingo: And Lolly?

Lolly: Hmmh?

4) (Bingo sits on the lawn near the water.)

Bingo: It's too bad you took down the's an improvement from what we currently have!

Montgomery: (scoffs, laughs) Ohhhh, Bingo... 


1) (Bingo's bedroom. Bingo is dressed in his pajamas and is ready to go to bed for the evening.)

Bingo: (yawn!) (thinking) Man oh man. From now on I'd better stop jumping to conclusions. I could get hurt someday!

2) (Bingo gets under the covers and turns off the lamp on the night table.)

Bingo: I don't know why I get into such things. Every time I make some silly bet or do something equally silly, my friends stop me, because they care about me so much. How can I stop doing it for good?

3) (He rests his head on the pillow and sleeps.)

Bingo: Enough. I'll worry about that later...if I feel like worrying.

4) (Soon, Bingo gets into his dream. In his dream, Lolly and Bingo are kissing each other on the lips.)

Lolly: Mmmh. Bingo, my sweet?

Bingo: Yeah?

5) (Lolly pulls Bingo closer and whispers something in his ear. Bingo grins widely at the idea.)

Lolly: The next time you crave a bet, why don't you...(whispers something)

Bingo: (smiling) Bop myself?

Lolly: Mmhmm.

Bingo: Crazy enough to work!

6) (The next morning, Charlie, Bingo's younger brother, enters his bedroom. He is still wearing the plastic king's crown and sword. He sees Bingo holding a bat upright with his left hand while sleeping in bed. Charlie thinks the bat is intended for him. He does a take and screams.)

Charlie: EEEEEEEEEEK! He's on to me! HEEEEEELP!

(And Bingo, in the end, has a wide grin on his face.)